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Thread: Plastic Pants

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    Default Plastic Pants

    I would like to get some plastic pants to put over my disposables. Since I am a side sleeper I tend to leak from the wings. Anyone know of a good place where I can get them for under $10. Most of the sites I've checked want at $15 and up.

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    Default gets very mixed reviews in general, but their plastic pants are certainly in your price range. You might look around for reviews. I've never tried any of their stuff.

    I like the 4mm "Comfort Regular" pant from

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    nicediaper on ebay are good ! their plastic pants, especially the ones by amass are top class and dead cheap. cant fault their service.

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    A. 10 dollar plastic pants is pretty cheap. You will only find vinyl ones of questionable quality.

    B. You need terry lined plastic pants. Plastic Pants are a moisture barrier, nothing more. They are the backing to a cloth diaper. If you wear a pair of plastic pants over a disposable and get any considerable leak all it will do is hold it for a few moments, then leak when there is nothing to absorb the leak.

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    i agree with frillyfoxy. i bought a pair of just plain plastic pants (which the kind i got, they measured them wrong) so they are huge, but they are still tight around the leg holes and the waist. though when i have worn them, if i do leak, they will only hold a few drops, everything else will pretty much leak out. not to mention that they rip really easily along the sides where the seams are. if you are going to get a pair of plastic pants, you will want to get a higher end one.

    remember, you get what you pay for.

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    Thanks everyone...I've heard a lot about Leakmasters, which is the way I'm leaning. Anyone have anything to say about them?

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    A trick I would do. diaper pad so if it leak. It stays on the Pad or in the diaper.

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    Leakmaster plastic pants are nice but I tend to go with Comco. They have a variety pack of 3 for under $30.00!!!!! Check them out at . Good luck with your choice and purchase.

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    It doesn't matter too much what kind of plastic pants you get, as long as they fit. The elastic needs to be snug around your legs and waist, and the waist needs to be high enough to go well over the top of your diaper. AND you need something to soak up your leakage, like a thin cloth diaper, a cloth baby diaper, or even just a couple pairs of tighty-whities. Unless you super-glue the seams to your body, any free-flowing liquid will leak out of even the best plastic pants eventually. You need something to soak up the little bit that leaks out of your "primary diaper", and to hold that liquid inside your plastic pants.

    The ideal solution is terry-lined plastic pants, but they are a bit expensive, and you end up with pee-soaked laundry every morning (unlike just plastic pants, which you can get a way with just rinsing or wiping. Babykins has really nice ones Babykins: KINS Terry Lined Waterproof Pants

    If you buy cheap plastic pants, you are just wasting money- they will fall apart really quick. I recommend Comco pants. They aren't for everyone- heavy, crinkly, wide elastic, pretty institutional. They are surprisingly comfortable, and incredibly Comco Manufacturing, LLCdurable for plastic pants. For lighter plastic pants that are still good quality and durable, check out Gary Mfg. Their website has PDF catalogs (including the "Novelty" catalog for the kinky set), and a list of vendors Incontinent Wear and Incontinence Products, by Gary Manufacturing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaveTDL View Post
    Thanks everyone...I've heard a lot about Leakmasters, which is the way I'm leaning. Anyone have anything to say about them?
    I buy Leakmasters and really like them. They are both soft and tough. I like the fact that they are comfortable. You have to flood the diaper for them to leak.

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