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Thread: recomended artists?

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    Default recomended artists?

    so im wondering who would you recommend that does great cub art as well as different species for a good price? i know about tavi, and i would love one from him, but im wondering who else is out there as well? my sister would like one done and shes kind of picky on who she wants it done by.

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    I am a huge fan of Reva the Scarf (points to avatar ^^), but also Kalida and Jade Fox.

    With these artists, though, you have to be quick. They are the best of the best and their spots fill up FAST.

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    Quote Originally Posted by onecho View Post
    I am a huge fan of Reva the Scarf (points to avatar ^^), but also Kalida and Jade Fox.

    With these artists, though, you have to be quick. They are the best of the best and their spots fill up FAST.
    who else can you think of? the majority of artists i know draw cub porn and i just want something not looking for the best, but at least good enough to tell what species it is.

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    All those artists do not draw cub porn. I would never recommend someone who does nor would I ever buy from or support those who do.

    There is always Marci, too. Again, she doesn't draw anything tawdry. Marco is also getting quite good.

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    I second what Onecho has said; some of the most popular artists (and some of my favorites) are Kalida, Jade Fox, Tavi, and Reva. Marci is another solid artist. Astolpho is also quite good, as is StrawberryNeko. Then there's a whole host of relatively unknown artists who produce fine work.

    Shameless self-promotion time? I do clean-only babyfur art, have never come across a species I couldn't draw, and have pretty inexpensive prices and open spots. Here's my pricing list: Commission Prices by Tygon_Cub -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

    More art examples are in my gallery.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tygon View Post
    Shameless self-promotion time?
    It's not Shameless when you are that darn good!

    I second a vote for Tygon. he does GREAT WORK! and he is cheaper and has a much smaller wait time then both Reva and Tavi, and is as good (if not better, IMHO). I absolutely love his attention to detail and communication. He checks with you several times throughout the layout, sketching, and coloring to see if you have any input on your drawing.

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    StrawberryNeko is on par with Kalida and RevaTheScarf but tends to actually have slots open. I would strongly recommend her *points to avatar*.

    If you're looking for cute cub-specific stuff, I can't believe that so few are mentioning our very own TaviMunk.

    I will also throw in a recommendation for Tygon here.

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    I've come in contact with ~Roninkagashi on DeviantART. I believe he has an account here. He's not cheap, but he is REALLY good. *Doesn't point to avatar*

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    Those are just a few I can think of.

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