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Thread: Delta-Form vs. Abri-Form M3?

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    Default Delta-Form vs. Abri-Form M3?

    Pretty self-explanatory, if I'm used to the Abena Delta-Form diaper will I be severely disappointed by an Abri-Form Extra?

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    I wear the M3 abri-form and I really enjoy them, they are lighter and easy to go about my day, but come pretty close to the M4 absorbency wise.

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    Cool, thank you. Since XP Medical is currently out of their Delta-Form stock...

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    Actually delta-form is the lower quality version of abri-form.

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    Delta-Form is Blue
    Abri-Form is White.
    Delta-Form only goes as high as an M3.

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    I tried the Delta-Form products a while back and would put the Delta M3 on par with the Abri M2. At least to me, it didn't seem like the levels were the same for the thickness. You most likely will be more pleased with the Abri-Form M3.

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