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Thread: Your Body Frame!

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    Lightbulb Your Body Frame!

    What's your body frame? I recently discovered a way that you can figure your body frame in a matter of seconds! Now this isn't about whether you are overweight or skinny. This quick test provides whether or not you have wider bones.

    To perform the test, wrap your thumb and index finger around the smallest part of your wrist.

    If your fingers overlap, you are a small body frame.
    If your fingers just about touch, you are a medium body frame.
    If your fingers don't touch, you are a large body frame.

    Now, before you point out that this test is not accurate, keep in mind that it has already been established that isn't entirely accurate. You may have long fingers, for instance. You can find a wrist measurement chart if you feel betrayed by the results.

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    depending on how i position my hand I can be all 3 :P

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Large body frame. But that could be more related to the fact I have really small hands.

    No, seriously. My glove size is women's small/girls' x-large.

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    There's a 1.5 cm gap between them. But then, I don't have a large thumb, just a strong body frame.

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    I guess I have a medium body frame. I prefer the test where if your hand is bigger than your face you have cancer *smirks*

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