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    Hiya everyone

    I just joined this site to chat with people. [Removed] I can't really think of a lot of things to say about myself sorry, but please ask me anything you feel like!

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    I guess I said something I shouldn't.. can you give me some advice what to do about that or am I on the wrong site?
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    Well, I didn't see what you posted, but I will say that this site can be strict in some aspects, at least in comparison to other ABDL sites. We don't allow for links to adult sites, discussion of illicit drugs, anything that could be construed as inappropriate for those under 13...

    However, there is good reason behind this. The mods want this site to be a safe place for those still in their formative years to come and figure out what these feelings inside may mean. Therefore, we have to keep it as clean as possible. The mods are pretty understanding and will give you a heads up long before they kick or ban you, unless it is something completely off the wall.

    So don't worry. If you are cordial and curious about the ABDL world and practically any other topic under the sun, you're in the right place. ^^

    Well, I am glad to see another UK member. Always been a huge fan of the bands out of there: Oasis, Pulp, Slowdive, even Tears for Fears back in the day... Any favorites?

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    OK thanks for the information

    Actually I love Oasis, Pulp and Tears for Fears, Haven't heard them in a long time! but I've not heard of Slowdive I'll look them up.

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