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    So heya folks. Name is Mooman (duh) and I'm just about to turn 17. I am a mildly athletic person who loves music and DDR. Diaper wise, I have never worn any after being toilet trained, but I remember ever since I was really little I've always wanted to wear them again (like age 4). I have just never really got around to it; I never wanted it badly, until now. I think this community will help me into my journey into the world of diapers, so thanks to all in advance. This time of my life is really about discovering who I truely am and discovering how I want to live my life, and though it only has to do with me personally, it won't hurt to get as much guidance as I can get my hands on

    So hello and cheers.

    ~ Moo

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    I think your name is a little close to the webmaster's... LOL. It's okay! Welcome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yumi View Post
    I think your name is a little close to the webmaster's... LOL. It's okay! Welcome.
    o_0 oh snap. That was why Moo was taken when I tried to have it as my username when signing up. Lol I totally did not know that the webmaster's name was Moo.

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    Hey, welcome to the site. People here are very helpful, so you shouldn't have trouble finding support here.

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    I wonder if the D in ADISC stands for "dairy". This is what ADISC will soon look like:

    Either way, welcome to our meadow. Make sure you wear your cow diapers!


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