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Thread: Feel like I'm going crazy..

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    Default Feel like I'm going crazy..

    I know there's so many posts about this already, but I need diapers so bad.. I haven't had diapers in months and the urge is crazy.. Coming up with the money is not a problem, but I was planning on getting some after xmas by having my grandma get me a $100 amazon card, but she said she most likely won't be able to get that for xmas for me, but maybe sometime after xmas.

    So there goes my diapers.. I just feel like I'm going insane atm and the want is becoming unbearable :/

    How am I supposed to cope with this?! D:

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    I know that feeling, I'm just now coming back from a purge, ordered some Bambino's and shipping takes a whole week for them to get to where I live... But I think you should just relax and find something else to keep you occupied, or do some odd jobs to save up some money, get a visa gift card, and order your diapers that way.

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    Play some TF2. You will be so focused on getting hats you might forget that you're not wearing.

    Actually that might not be a good thing...

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    Home made, or take up a small job then go for some cheap diapers.

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