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Thread: The politics of regression

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    Default The politics of regression

    So lately I've been extremely frustrated with the powers that be and their decisions. I've found myself mentally regressing when I get avoid thinking about the problems in the world. The thinking behind this is simple, I didn't give a shit about politics or ideology or the problems of the world when I was 3. Normally I would have no problem with regression as a coping mechanism, but I don't think that I'm merely stressed, but angry and simply trying to distract myself.

    I am afraid that I am using regression to repress my anger. I believe that getting angry (not irrational, crazy anger) is the best way to encourage change. I'm afraid that my use of regression is a move towards apathy and apoliticalism, which I strongly object to.

    I'm not really looking for the inevitable reassurance that I can get here (which is something I think we do well, yay us). I'm asking people that in a world full of problems that deserve our attention, at what point do we say "enough, there's only so much I can do?" When does legitimate frustration become a problem? When is it alright to be angry?

    I've only started to hang around the MT board recently. I've been thinking about this for a while but haven't posted recently because of exams. Anyway, now that I've got the big questions down it feels reassuring, reading over them now I not sure how anyone will answer them, but the're intended to be more thought provoking than debate provoking.

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    I often finding myself asking myself the same questions. I think we all need a break every once and a while so we don't go crazy! Anger may encourage change but would it encourage the right kind of change?

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    Sometimes, a bit of a break from the stresses of the world is perfectly acceptable. I'm a bit of a political wonk, and yet I still find myself from time to time completely retreating from politics and just talking a break.

    So it's hard to answer or give direct advice, but since you're concerned that you're trying to retreat, perhaps it's worth taking a bit of a break from politics. I mean more than just an afternoon regressing, but an actual break, like a good solid two weeks, long enough that when you tune back in, you need to do a bit of catching up to see what's what. Perhaps doing that will give you a bit to "recharge" and tackle some of those stresses that you feel you're retreating from presently.

    As to your second set of questions regarding when is the point where one has to accept that there's no more one can do, I feel like that's also a bit individual. I mean, there's an entire range, from listening to talk radio and bitching along with the host, to setting up camp OWS-style. I suppose it comes down to where you are willing to draw that line. I tend to have big idealist notions that I temper with a strong dose of reality, so while I hate the implications of the Citizens United decision here in the U.S., I realize that it is the law of the land, and after reading the decision I can actually understand some of the rationale they used to get there. Perhaps it is some degree of throwing my hands up in futility, but I realize that if I am always angry about something of that magnitude, I'll always be angry.

    tl;dr-Don't sweat the small stuff; it's not worth it, and don't sweat the big stuff because you can't change it.

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    I purposely hide away from "real life" by refusing to watch the news or to read newspapers, or to install any news app.

    Yes I'm pig ignorant... But I'd rather be that way than stress over things I just cannot change.

    Personally I think that all the UK Government should be shot, and they should put stand up comedians in charge.

    What? They know more about the politics of the world than the damn politicians do!

    But that's just an opinion from a thick, poorly minded nothing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CaptainVimes View Post
    What? They know more about the politics of the world than the damn politicians do!
    Oh, I assure you most politicians know more about politics than any sane person would want to. The problem is that politics is inherently a competitive game, and its hard to do well in it if you aren't in it for yourself (whether that is a fault of the voters or not is up for debate, but I personally think its due to the fact that the majority of the population does not know much about the issues being debated, which means that they end up voting for whoever communicates the best rather that the person with the best ideas. Gotta love rational ignorance...). Essentially an educated population is the only way to make democracy work as it is intended.

    Its also important to separate being knowledgeable in politics and in running a country. Those are two competently different things.

    Personally I find politics fascinating, and have been an avid news watcher since I was in early grade school. So really, watching the news wouldn't be out of character for me even when I regress.

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