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    Anybody else going to be getting up early--perhaps staying up late, depending on where you are!--to watch the lunar eclipse?

    I will be. Looks like I'll need to set my alarm for 5:30am to allow for the usual two or three presses of the Snooze button.

    Tragically, my father borrowed my telescope over the summer and I'd forgotten about it until this afternoon. Gah! Well, I may try some low-magnification photography anyway.

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    Fascinating. I got to see one when I was 13 and will give it my best shot at being up that early for this one. Thanks for the heads up !

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    I'm at work so I don't get the option to go outside unless they have a fire drill.

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    Hardly wait for early AM in Pacific.

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    I just hope it's high enough on the horizon where I'm at (lots of trees) for me to see it! The fact that it's happening only about an hour before sunrise on the west coast suggests that the moon will need to be very low on the horizon in order to be eclipsed. Fingers crossed! I may have to hop in the car and drive to the nearest treeless hilltop.

    EDIT: Watching it now. It's not too low. I can just see it above the trees, and it's a cool red/orange color. I'm thinking now that I'm pretty sure I haven't seen one of these from Seattle before. It's a rare thing to have something like this happen AND have a cloudless sky here!
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    just watched it myself. super awesome. not to mention also having a perfectly clear sky in portland area. saw a shooting star go straight to the moon as well

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    I live in the mountains so the moon already sunk below the mountain horizon when the it happened. So obviously I missed it. =(

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    I walked outside last night for a ciggie, looked up and there it was. I knew the eclipse was coming, but I didn't know it was going to be visible in the southern hemisphere. Very cool. GF saw it too, she was way stoked

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