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Thread: Never tried diapers but would love to...

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    Default Never tried diapers but would love to...

    Yeah, I've never tried diapers, but I would love to.

    I have no idea where to start, what to buy, where the best places online and/or offline would be to buy from. I have no idea what would(n't) fit either...

    I'm female, from the UK. I'm a UK size 8 in trousers etc. but diaper wise I've no idea whether or not to go for adult sizes or big child sizes.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    Well, I've heard Bambinos are the best. They have baby symbols all over it and fits an adult normal. I've also heard they are quite expensive. But I plan tobuy some once i'm 18.

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    If my research is correct, a UK size 8 is very small. (I would never ask a lady her waist size!)

    You would need small / medium adult diapers, and those might even be a bit large for you. Some popular brands are Molicare, Tena or Abena. (The Abena X-plus is supposed to be excellent.) Or you could try Drynights.
    Bambinos are great, but I don't think they are available outside the US.

    You could even try training pants like Pull-Ups or Easy Ups or whatever your local store's generic equivalent is.

    Really, I think you should just browse a nearby pharmacy / chemist and see what they have.
    Good luck! ^^

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    Ah, I'll have to try Bambinos when I next have money. Right now I'm on a budget. I can't imagine any shop near me would let me return them opened LOL. XD

    Being on a budget I'd love to be able to get some that'll fit and not leak badly after just 1 wetting. I'm only planning for 1 wetting per diaper ATM, unless I really really like it but I expect I'll change after sitting in it for a bit after just 1.
    UK size 8 is pretty small, I'm roughly 23" at the waist. I thought large kid's diapers would be OK for size but now I'm starting to wonder... They do put size guides on diaper packs don't they?

    I've decided I'll buy some, dunno what yet, but if the first one I put on doesn't fit I may give them away. I'm going to look into Abena-X (or Huggies if they do bigger sizes) .

    Thanks for your advice! It's nice to be able to talk to people who know what they're on about, it's reassuring and it's made me rather excited about going shopping tomorrow (I'll be happy if I get nothing for Christmas and not 1 card once I've got my hands on some diapers LOL) .

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    any Small size adult diapers would be fine on you

    Mediums would probably feel fairly big but baby diapers would most likely work like the largest size you can find... obviously if you're wetting them, you probably want youth/adult small diapers (abena M2's would be a great start)

    Hope it turns out to be what you were hoping for

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    Sample packs seem relatively rare in the UK compared to the USA. However, if you've got any medical supply stores nearby they might be willing to give you a few samples of what they have in stock (often Tena Slip Maxi, sometimes Abenas, possibly something else though). You could also buy one of the small travel packs of baby diapers - that could be a cheap way of finding out if they'll fit you okay. Another option is Boots' Staydry range. They're not the best but they're pretty cheap and the sizing roughly matches up to some of the premium brands.

    I don't think you can actually get Bambinos in the UK - it doesn't appear so from their website. You can get ABU products though but the shipping is very expensive.

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    Small size might be a little hard to find in shops. Only sizes I've seen stocked are medium and large.

    I'm not sure if they would be a bit too big on you but Lidl were selling Siempre brand diapers mega cheap. Some stores still have them in stock.

    I do have a chain or stores near me that sell aids and stuff for old people. They stock diapers in all sizes. Might be worth checking for something similar near you.

    If your ordering online then you're spoilt for choice. I'd go with any of the above recommendations.

    If you still live with parents or share with someone and you're worried about someone seeing it when it gets delivered get it sent to your local post office. That's how I get mine when ordering online.

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    If your hips are not too wide, you could try libero or pampers size 7.
    Or why not drynites and underjams.
    An adult size medium would be way too big for you. Adult size small goes up to 31" waist.

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    Come join my "Girl Group." It's for females on this forum.

    I am small like you. I ordered a small and a medium sample pack from HDIS. There were some smalls that were TOO small - and some mediums that were just right.

    Good luck in your search!

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