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    Default Hey to all

    Hey im currently 22, a student working towards my second engineering degree, Ive liked diapers for well, as long as i can remember - i can figure out just about anything, but i don't think ill ever figure out this; but thats fine with me its just one more thing that makes us unique right? anyways ive never really tried to reach out/meet/talk to other people about this but send me a message anytime i'd love to chat.

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    Hey sputnik567,

    Welcome, and I wholeheartedly recommend you interact with like minded abs on this site as it's very rewarding.

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    Yeah, figuring out the catalyst for liking to wear diapers is probably impossible considering all the variables in ones life. Its one of life's more fun mysteries like figuring out the flight speed of santa's reindeer or why cookie dough ice cream tastes exponentially better than cookies and ice cream together.
    Hope you enjoy this place. I'll be in the irc chat

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    Hi sputnik567

    nice intro.

    Welcome to ADISC

    Just curious, what's your favorite diaper?

    - Will

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    Probably molicares, but ive only got them once. i usually get depends, because there cheap & easy to get...i dont really understand why people dislike them so much but if i want some extra protection ill just double up

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