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Thread: Cartoons (new ones)

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    Lightbulb Cartoons (new ones)

    Everyone is always asking about old cartoons, but I am gonna be honest, I am a modern baby :P
    My cartoons are like Ben 10, Pokemon, Avatar (10 points to the first to figure out my DP) and all that kinda stuff, i don't mind the classics but I wanna know if there are any other A/TB's out there who watch modern kids cartoons? If so what and why! Tell me mooore!

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    I watch Pokemon and your image is an air nation symbol right?

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    10 points! I am seriously obsessed, i so want some more merchandise of Avatar :P

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    Air nomad. I love avatar, I'm watching it right now. I also really like ben 10 (note MY avatar lol). Pokemon was my favorite show when I was 12, but I have lost interest in recent years.

    Another show I really like is Phineas and Ferb.

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    I love the classics but I also love Ben 10 full metal alchemist baby loony tunes I like to mix it up the old and the new other wise it isn't fun

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    Ya, I love some of the newer shows I have to admit. Though I'm quite picky about most American made shows. The ones I like have already been mentioned. Avatar is awesome. Ben !0 is cool, though I lost interest when when they did the Alien Force thing with the kids being older. Johnny Test was a blast. Juniper Lee is one of the good Nicktoons from a couple of years ago I really like. Then of course there was Kim Possible. I love W.I.T.C.H., which is a French show originally, and Winx Club which is Italian. If you couldn't tell I have a bit of a thing for strong girl characters. I've been in grad school for the last two years, so I haven't had time to catch any of the currently running cartoons really.

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    DragonballZ ftw. I've heard that the new My Little Pony is really good (even for adults).

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    Pokemon isn't really all that modern, actually. It took place in Japan before it even hit the shores of other countries. That's its country of origin. They still make episodes, yeah, but the original run of the first season was yeeears ago :s

    I'm not too big on modern-day cartoons.. In fact, I hate them. Most of them are all stupid or annoying now.. I miss all the old cartoons. I still like the pre-school shows in the mornings. Idk what you would call them.. Blue's Clues etc.

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    I love avatar. such a great show. and adventure time !!!! I watch it with my roommates and friends all the time. and the theme song is my ringtone and my alarm is finn as a baby singing about punching evil witches for fun.
    Does sponge bob count as modern? because I have a sponge bob shower curtain but don't really watch the show much anymore. Its a great theme for my ab bathroom.

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    I'm an animation fan, although I don't really see an AB element in it, it's just something I like. Animation gets to do things that aren't possible or come off badly in live action. These days, I have a better chance of liking anime vs. Western cartoons but there are still enjoyable ones being done for us. Here's a big list of animation for the last decade: List of animated television series from 2000s - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I can see good things still being made from Batman: The Brave and the Bold to the Venture Bros. in terms of kid stuff to adult audiences. It's just another kind of entertainment for me.

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