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Thread: Difference Between Depends Products

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    Default Difference Between Depends Products

    First, let me start by saying that I know that Depends is not as good as compared to other products, but it is the best that is available to me.

    Now, the only diapers I can get are the Depend Adjustable Underwear and the Depend Maximum Protection. I was seeing how much each would absorb, and here is what I found. (info from

    The adjustable underwear will hold 16 oz, while the maximum protection will hold only 14 oz. This can't be right, though, because On Depend's website, they say that the maximum protection absorbs more. I looked all over the internet and I could not find how much the maximum protection really absorbs.

    So, you guys are my last hope. Do you know how much it absorbs?


    p.s. Here is the info:

    Adjustable: Depend Adjustable Underwear
    Maximum: Depend Fitted Briefs - Maximum Protection

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    I would say they (Maximum Protection) are good for one really good wetting and a BIT more, but don't sit in them they'll leak. They are MUCH better than any pull-up that Depends makes. For one, they have leak guards while almost all pull-ups do not. Go with the actual diaper, forget the underwear unless you just want something for comfort and really light wetting.

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    Adjustable underwear is thicker and more absorbent in theory, but they don't have leg guards and they are very lose fitting even if you tape them very tight. They leak really bad and only work kinda well if you are standing up and wet slowly. The maximum protection is about performance not capacity. You can wear depends max if you are in a wheelchair or even laying down, but try that with adjustable and you will need to change more than the diaper. Max protection expects to be changed right away while adjustable is fine being worn for a while with a constant or occasional leak of urine.

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