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    Default Onsie's in the uk

    Can any one tell me the best place to get a onesie, here in the uk....... many thanks...........

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    Your best bet is online, as you wont find a onesie in shops, try a site such as cosyndry, ebay or even google it. The only ab clothing is a footed sleeper and you can get them in primark i think still

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    I just ordered one from cosyndry, have not received it yet so I can't personally comment on the quality, however I'm told they are quite good. Not the cheapest option, very quick though, custom clothes delivered in a week, that's great!

    Loopy did a review too although its a little out of date now.

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    If you want a good plain one racketys disabled clothing are excellent cheap and delivery is quick too.

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    I ordered an Abena body stocking (onesie) from Dorset Nursing Supplies once and also imported one from the USA when I ordered my plastic pants from Fetware.

    You actually can get adult sized onesies in some mobility shops, but you'll be lucky to find one that carries them. They probably won't refer to them as onesies either

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