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Thread: Who is your pick for U.S. President in 2012

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    Default Who is your pick for U.S. President in 2012

    I know the whole idea of politics is a heated and controversial topic but I was curious as to what peoples thoughts are?

    That is if you don't mind mentioning it and if you don't want to say that's fine too

    Do you think Obama should be Re-elected? or perhaps Someone else?

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    If I was American; Ron Paul. America is currently one of the most un-American things on earth and Ron Paul can fix that.

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    I don't care much for politics personally, but I do wonder if his catching Osama is going to tilt the election in his favor >.>

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    I've never really been all that interested in Politics either,it just seems like with the way things have been going this will be very important. Then again they say that about all the elections, don't they

    As for myself I find I'm leaning towards Ron Paul as well

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    Ron Paul would be my republican pick but after reading a bit I might end up voting for Obama (never thought I would say that). The republican candidates are trying to force Christianity and stop gay rights so I can't really agree with them.

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    Yes, I'm aware of this. While I'm not gay I certainly support the rights of those who are. To be honest though I didn't think Ron Paul was against this.

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    Ron Paul doesn't support it but he also thinks it's not for the government to decide. I would agree with this except that by marrying there are tax cuts and other benefits. Ron Paul is currently third out of the republicans so I'm not expecting him to win.

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    while i dont support any of the GOP canidates by a long shot i still dont like obama to much, he's to much of a centrist. Officially he's a Dem. but he doesnt always act like it, for example gay marriage, he's rather neutral but at times leaning towards that marriage should be between a man and a wife. To be fair this is coming from a very far left person and im not trying to put obama in a bad light im just not satisfied with him. But again he is my pick, too bad i cant vote this year (2016!).

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    I predict 102% voter turnout with everyone voting for the best candidate,

    It's the only solution guys.

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    I cant figure out why anyone would support Ron Paul or Newt. They would never win the election.
    (Rick Perry Doesnt even get a mention)
    They are un-electable, put them on the ticket and its handing obama the election.

    Mitt would be my Choice, I like how hes moderate, and he is the only GOP candidate who could possibly beat obama.

    On a side note about obama? We have had our 4 years of "hope" and "change" (the latter has been for the worse IMO, and the first non existant..)

    Lets get someone serious this time, who knows what the fuck theyre doing.

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