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Thread: More bad media.

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    Default More bad media.

    Police expect no charges in youth group diaper skit

    'Diaper Boy' sent to prison for lewdness, sexual exploitation

    Thought I would post some less than ideal websites for us to all face palm over. Not porn sites mind you; news stories about people giving us a bad name.

    The first is not so bad, but it does make you wonder if some jackass is letting his private life give him ideas about youth activites. It makes me sick. I also wonder what that christian youth center would think if it were some kind of homosexual awarness youth program which was doing the same activity, they would be outraged.

    The second video is really close to home for me because I grew up in Holladay UT and that is kind of scary. I hope he goes away to jail for a long time.
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    ( sarcasm ) Oh the horror ( sarcasm/ )

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    But this is like a year old and I haven't heard of it until just now.

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    On the first article, I can understand the mother's concern. A youth group should be offering a safe, comfortable environment. Icebreakers are a good way to get people out of their shell and having fun. However, being a youth group, there need to be boundaries. Clothing is one of them. Keep all of your clothes on. Plain and simple. If you want to do a diaper skit like that, put them on over your pants. The fact that diapers were there at all makes me as why. Did the counselor think that this was the best thing to use for an icebreaker? Is there some sort of fetish related impulse here, or am I digging to far into it? That they were used more than once, may go to back that up, of course, it may also be that there were extra from the original idea. The mother doesn't seem to be flying off of the deep end, and it was said that "O.J. has been there for a long time. He is a trusted person in the community who has the kids' best interests in mind." so ultimately, I hope this was just a lapse in judgement on the part of the counselor.

    For the second article, it's nice to see that he is going to be off of the streets. It's unfortunate that it couldn't have happened sooner. However, I still had to laugh that, according to the article, the defense attorney's name was "Kimberly Clark."

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    Oh my god. This is old news. The articles in question are both more than a year old.

    Why is it so surprising to all of you to see our fetish portrayed in a negative light with poor stereotypes?

    Anyway, about the first article, while the youths in question may have taken their skit a little too far (especially for a Christian youth group), I don't think there should be any criminal issue.

    With regards to the second article, DON'T SHOW YOUR UNDERWEAR TO KIDS! EVER! DIAPERS OR NOT! The article said that the man was mentally ill, so I hope he gets good therapy and care for his disability. I also hope he stays the fuck away from any and all children.

    Overall, I don't really care too much about these articles, and I think these are mostly just media "fluff" stories with very little importance. I don't believe they were made with the intent to "defame and slander the ABDL community", but were instead poorly written pieces of "yellow" journalism composed mainly to catch the attention of readers, therefore selling more space on the website to advertisers. In the end, it's really all about the money.

    Please do not take news stories like these seriously. If the ABDL community wants to improve their public image, we should not worry about stupid shit like this, and instead represent ourselves as "normal", law-abiding, healthy citizens like everyone else. The LGBT community had to do this, as well as other parts of the fetish community (such as BDSM enthusiasts), and now, it is our turn.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BandNerd View Post

    With regards to the second article, DON'T SHOW YOUR UNDERWEAR TO KIDS! EVER! DIAPERS OR NOT!
    Ultra tight speedo with a nice bulge is OK because you don't need to loosen your pants to show it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AmbezeSubHealth View Post
    Ultra tight speedo with a nice bulge is OK because you don't need to loosen your pants to show it.
    LOL XD I really hope you aren't thinking of trying this...

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    To the first, I say overreaction. My church's youth director has had us do stranger things before. As long as the participation was voluntary, there was nothing wrong with this activity.

    The second, however, is just plain disturbing.

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    With the first one I agree 100% with what Justtrytoguess said. But I don't see much wrong with it as far as it being criminal or anything.

    With the second one - that's just wrong, scary and disturbing.

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    Defense attorney Kimberly Clark argued that her client is dyslexic and may suffer from some mental issues.
    Are. You. Kidding me? THAT'S AMAZING! The guy is arrested for sporting a baby diaper in front of kids and his defense attorney is named Kimberly Clark. Serendipity or cosmic irony?

    But yeah, I've read those stories before, the guy sounds like he's got a lot more going on under the surface than he's letting on. I hope he has an opportunity to see a good therapist and get some things straightened out.
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