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Thread: Want to move ?

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    Post Want to move ?

    Ok so last year I took a trip to ireland and I loved it sooooo much it was the best place I have ever been to, the people were nice the food was good and the country side is EPICLY beutifull. I plan on moving there sometime later in life, but as of right now its going to be a while before I can even get my own place. Basicly has anyone here ever moved across the ocean away from friends and family and how was your experience doing that, how did it effect your friends and family?

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    I haven't...I've been here pretty much all my life...But my mom traveled a lot, since her dad (my grandad) was in the Army...She was born in Paris, and she's been all over the world...Such as Germany, Japan, France, etc...So I'm sure she's had a hard time having friends for a long period...But she's lived here for a long time, so friends are easier to keep

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    I plan on moving cross country. I imagine even cross country would cause a little homesick - more so with across the world.

    I always thought of this - what if something important happens at home and you can't get home?

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    The only thing I can tell you is when you decide to move, if you ever do, just do it, I got talked out of moving away when I was about 20, and have regreted it ever since.

    I had everything ready, and I let myself be talked into buying a peice of land and putting a mobil home on it, I don't regret buying the land, or buying the house, but I was ready to move and didn't, I still tell myself I'm going to go, but blew another opertunity just a few years ago, You got to do these things when your young and can make it on your own.

    Good Luck with the move if you can go for an extended period, like a month or two, just go and try it out, to see if you really like it there, some places loose there apeal after a little while.

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    Yeah I plan on moving there in the future possibly.

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    I love Ireland id move there in second if i could. I was gonna go there two years ago for my graduation to see my relatives and hang out down there. But it didn't work out, its got to be beautiful. Id go for it as long as u don't have a gf or serous relationship holding u back. I heard Irish girls love Americans so u might get laid too down there that would be a bonus.

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    A guy I used to work with came to the states from Scotland, by himself, about 10 years ago. He's since gotten married and had a kid over here, so really, his family is with him. Once a year his parents visit, and once a year he visits there. Things like Skype and various IM stuff helps keep you connected. The world's a lot smaller than it used to be. You make friends wherever you are, so that's not that big of a deal.

    And when push comes to shove, in an absoulte emergency, you can be anywhere you have to be. It'll be pricey, but that's what credit cards are for.

    I just moved across the continent, so it's sort of fresh in my mind. I gave my parents an old Mac and iSight, so we video chat all the time. I actually see them more now than when I was only living a couple of hours away.

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    I really don't enjoy living in the UK, and especially my home town of Birmingham. When I go to Uni I am purposely looking at places that are very different from Birmingham and allow me to spend some time studying abroad. I am sure that if I can get a job in motorsport like I want that I will leave the UK as soon as I have finished university.

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    I'm not sure. One on hand, I love it here and all my friends and family are here(grew up in the same house all my life.). I've never even been on a plane ffs! On the other hand I want to go somewhere with a larger population, more opportunities, etc. My problem is, I guess I don't know how or when to make the first step. I'm also terribly slow and making friends(if at all) so I really appreciate the ones I have and don't want to move away from them.

    Maybe when I've saved away some money and I'm sick of my current job I'll consider moving. First I need to travel more though, so I know what's out there...

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    Footed P.J.


    I have lived in seven locales in six U.S. states, but never abroad. I am very fascinated by the expat experience. An old family friend moved from San Diego to Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand for over a decade to work at the university there. He eventually moved back, first to L.A., then to Seattle, only to have her wife get homesick, and apparently they moved back to New Zealand. Not sure if Otago or somewhere else.

    I have also known one camp friend move from Connecticut to enroll at the University of Exeter in England.

    I lacked any sort of maturity in school and college, and looking back, I regret that. It would have been neat to spend at least a semester in a foreign country. NZ, Canada, Sweden, Argentina.

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