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Thread: New puppy!

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    Default New puppy!

    just as the title says.
    if you'd like, there are pictures here and here.

    her name is Elli :3

    anyone else here have news regarding pets?

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    shes cute...and my two favorite breeds as well....i got 3 labs myself..i miss my GSD Though.

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    Aw....very cute. There's nothing like a dog to provide company and companionship.

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    D'aww, I love large breed dogs. Take lots of puppy pictures, 'cuz she won't be this size for very long! Word of advice, work on obedience stuff and socializing around plenty of people and other animals while she's still small and easy to handle. You'll thank yourself later, believe me. That is my family's biggest 'regret' with our dog. He's still a great dog, but cannot be trusted around other animals he doesn't know--we could never take him on walks in a public park :/

    We have an Akita; he was an adorable puppy and it seems like he grew up in only a few months--which he did, really. 8 months after we got him, he was almost a year old and pretty much adult size, though he looked like a gangly teenager for another year or so. He's almost 14 now, but he's never stopped being our little puppy. <3

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    Big dogs are the best. The little yappers that can be drop-kicked into the next county are so over-active and spastic that they can be downright dangerous sometimes. Everyone derides Pit Bulls as being vicious, but the dog breed responsible for the most bites resulting in doctor visits is the Toy Poodle.

    I have had Great Danes for years, they are so mellow, my seven-year-old can lie on top of him, pull on his lips, whatever, and he just looks at her. We have another dog that is smaller that we rescued as well, a Catahoula. A bit more high-energy, but an absolute sweet dog as well. Honestly, I laugh when I see some of these 'purse dogs' and think about how my dog leaves larger piles on the back lawn!

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    Oh my goodness! Adorable!!

    I don't have any pet news but your pet news is awesome

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    Aww I can't see the pictures. (Stupid school blocks) Mind explaining?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GoofyBenjamin View Post
    Aww I can't see the pictures. (Stupid school blocks) Mind explaining?

    try that. the security passover and the sfw prefix should do it.
    if you still can't, it's a picture of her sitting in her food bowl

    edit: ...derp. i forgot i can post pictures on here. XD
    Click image for larger version. 

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