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Thread: Diapers and morality

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    Default Diapers and morality

    Is it a sin to be an AB/DL?

    In my younger days I used to feel bad about loving/wanting/wearing diapers. I believe in God and in the Christian philosophy and for many years it troubled me that I was a diaper lover. I thought for sure that what I was involved in was a sin.

    Many a time I would feel bad and guilty about my diaper fetish (especially after I did what I always do with diapers) and would pray about it and throw my diapers out time and time again! As always, a few months later, I would give in to the desires and buy more diapers and the whole vicious cycle would begin again. I think this is what the Apostle Paul described as "A thorn in the flesh."

    After years of prayer, internal struggles and anguish, I finally came to the conclusion that God obviously doesn't care about my diapers. Being a DL doesn't trouble me anymore and I now wear diapers freely without guilt.

    Anyone else here been through this? I would love to hear your thoughts and comments.

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    When I was still a devout Christian, I went through a very similar struggle, and came to a very similar result. I figured that if I wasn't hurting anyone, wasn't hurting myself, and wasn't stealing or something, then god probably didn't care. I still tried to avoid them for a long time after that, but at least when I did finally crack and buy a pack of diapers, I didn't immediately feel horrible about doing it.

    That was a long time ago now, though, and since then, I've gone through a lot of soul-searching, a lot of inner turmoil, a lot of physical turmoil, I've faced down death twice and won, and I've exercised a lot of old troubles and demons. At this point, I have absolutely no qualms at all about being an ABDL or many other things that once were big issues for me.

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    I have been through this. I too used to masturbate while wearing diapers. However, I once talked to a former pastor of mine about this very thing ( he is a licensed physiological examiner). He told me that he saw no wrong in wearing diapers. His thoughts were that, when you engage in the sexual aspect of it,,,that was when he saw the 'wrong' part come into play. Ever since that talk, I have felt a LOT better about wearing diapers.

    I still have an occasional 'slip up'' with the masturbation in diapers part. But then again, that is part of being human. That doesn't make me a bad person. People struggle with all kinds of stuff, I am just glad that my 'struggle', happens to involve something that harms no one, isn't illegal, and is fairly innocent and tame.

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    For years I fought the same battle. Every once in a while a stray thought pops into my mind on the subject, but I am in a place where I am personally comfortable with what I'm doing, and the more I think about it, the more I realize it really isn't a big deal. I treat it as an interest, much like my interests in hockey, video games, web development, and the Simpsons. If I have it on that level and keep it on that level, then it is really just something I do to make myself happier in my own body (and I am generally not very comfortable in my own body, lol).

    Now, what would be more of a problem, is if you start giving it more power than is due. I mean this not only on a spiritual level, but on a psychological level as well. We've all seen the images, videos, and stories out there of people who are so indulged in this culture that they essentially have no life outside of it. It's when you are living for the regressive acts and unable to focus on anything else or devote yourself to anything else that trouble really sets in.

    I don't see anything wrong with regressive acts or play. There is nothing specifically wrong with diaper wearing. It's the crazy, dogmatic extremists who seek to attach the stigma of sin to anything that is outside of the norm, especially on matters that are sexual.

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    Spoiler Alert: I am agnostic! (Which for me is the friendlier way of saying atheist)

    Well diapers are just another form of undergarment (a far superior, more comfortable, more fun, type of undergarment but still one nonetheless.) I can't imagine a God that would find it sinful. Examining it from a morality perspective it doesn't cause harm or bring shame to yourself or anybody else.

    Also a lot of this depends on your religious affiliation. Some Christian sects in the world still see at as a sin for women to show their face in public (remind you of any other culture?) Others follow a literal interpretation of the bible, which means stone to death anybody that doesn't come to church on Sunday.

    If there is a "Good" God than I would be content to think that he would care more about you the person morally than your choice of undergarment. If there is a God that spends his infinite time worrying about somebody wearing diapers instead of the surplus of immoral people out there, than I probably don't want to worship that God.

    No matter what anybody says religion is more of a force for good than evil, but it still isn't the solution to all of life's problems. The gospel can't give you all the answers and you need to build your own moral code (perhaps with assistance from religion) and decide for yourself what you think is right and wrong. Unfortunately God will not come descending with a shower of diapered angels (nice Imagery ) and telling you what is right anytime soon.

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    Red face

    Quote Originally Posted by littlepacifiergirl View Post
    Spoiler Alert: I am agnostic! (Which for me is the friendlier way of saying atheist)
    I would say itīs quite a difference. Read and think about this : Atheism vs. Agnosticism: What's the Difference? Are they Alternatives to Each Other?

    My own troubles with "our thing" has to do with social stigma, and is probably the same thing, just without the religious take on it.
    [Diapers = Babies] therefor Adult & Diapers = Pedo (mind you that fear is mostly just in my head, but I am still terrified of people making that connection)

    Why does organized religion think they have dibs on morality?
    I live my life not bothering anyone, I am kind to most people I meat. I am open to other peoples sexual preferences and does not condecend them for it.
    I donate regularly to the Red Cross, Childrens cancer fund, and other charities that i find worthwhile.

    Does that sound like an amoral person?
    I just HATE IT when religious people think I have no morality just because I am an atheist.

    Morality in a person is beneficial to ALL humanity, not just the ones bowing down to a monolithic church, mosque, temple, synagogue etc...

    One thing that I *DO* believe in, is "Human Nature" which is both frightening and uplifting at the same time.

    (I am sorry that this strayed so far from the original post but I just had to get that out of my system. I hope that I didnīt offend any one too much.)

    littlepacifiergirl, the ONLY thing directed at you was the link, not the rest of my post!

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    Thou shalt not wear pampers! It's the hidden eleventh commandment.

    I actually think that if a Christian were to hate AB/DLs enough they would try it.

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    im struggling with the same thing JustSomeDude.. i recently posted a blog about some views of mine.. im still trying to accept myself and feel ok with being in diapers..

    Honestly JustSomeDude i think your doing the right thing praying about it and looking towards him and in yourself for the answer and to accept yourself for who you are.

    everyone may post their view on what God things but thats really for you and Him to decide. We have this fetish not by choice and thats why im starting to slowly accept myself for who i am and that God sees us and everyone as His children.. were just bigger kids than others

    hang in there!

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    I went through this when I was younger. I'm a church music director, and so I wrestled with this for years. There are references to cleanliness in the Bible, but nothing about diapers, especially since they didn't have diapers. They had swaddling clothes. What is stated in theological thought is that anything which separates us from God is a sin. The Bible says we should pray incessantly. Since we don't, we are all sinners. Watching television is a sin. Going shopping is a sin, The boring list goes on. So chock up diaper wearing as one more of the million of sins we commit every year.

    God's grace forgives us of these sins. One merely must have faith to know salvation. That said, the Bible is murky ground as it's a collection of many writings dating back at least 3000 years. The first attempts to bring the Old Testament together started 500 BC. I do believe in a greater power, and I use the Bible as a guide for acceptable behavior, as well as its incredible wisdom, but I also have a brain which allows me to sift and sort, make important decisions for myself. If I wet my diaper, I clean up after myself, therefor, I am not "unclean". If I masturbate in them, so what. I masturbate out of them as well. I didn't put a sex drive in me. The Creator did that.

    It's ridiculous to feel guilty over all of this. Like spddan so wisely said, it's keeping things in balance which is important. If wearing diapers becomes your God, then you have a problem. Wearing diapers is something I need to do, something I'm compelled to do. But afterward, I'm faithful to God, to my fellow man and to society. I work hard and take care of others. I'm not sure all conservative Christians can make the same claim.

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    @ Bravo:
    Thanks for your great response.
    While most AB/DLs usually become aware of these desires in their early teens (or tweens) I was born this way (not making fun of the gay community in saying that). From my earliest childhood memories, I have wanted to wear diapers. Ever since my mom potty trained me, I have wanted to go back to diapers. This is not something I just chose to do one day, I have been a AB/DL since I was potty trained! I remember back when I was 4 years old trying to put on my baby cousin's diapers and getting caught by my mom. Why would God make a child like that and then proclaim that it's a sin for him to be so? No, it is not a sin to love, wear and use diapers, no more than men wearing women's panties or clothing. God loves us because we are his chldren and he cares about our hearts and sould... not what we wear.

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