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    Ok so a little bit about me, I am 28 years old and because i have aspbergers syndrome i really have never in my life had a romantic relationship with anyone. Mostly because i have not tried to actually go out and look for one because its so hard to because of my condition.

    I still live with my parents too not by choice but because of monetary reasons. I have thought about trying dating sites like i dunno or whatever but i just dont know if i could ever find anyone like that that would love me for who i really am.

    I mean im not really a stereotypical male to be honest i mean cmon i love to watch lovey dovey animes and am a self styled Bronie
    My main issue i think with my disorder is i have not had any real human contact, meaning friends, in like 15 years. I do see people at work of course where i do activities with the elderly but i havent had a real life friend to hang out with or whatever in that long either.

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    the best thing you can do is to just try. if you think your condition will hold you back...then it probably will. you need to not think about it and just look. it will take time for sure, but you will get your chance. just be yourself and have fun. you'll find someone. or possibly, someone might find you.

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    yea i have been debating this for a few years now. My depression about being alone for so many years has been one stepping stone but i do have friends i talk to over my Xbox. I think im probably afraid how i would react to rejection even though i know its a normal part of finding somone. The tough part for me is that i cant just tell myself "i am going to go out right now and check this bar out for a potential g/f". Since i have never dated or had experiences with this type of thing while i was growing up. Of course then theres the secret DL part of me as well that i still havent come to terms with too and my love of gaming.

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    I know this might not be the kind of advice your looking for but you might want to take things a bit more in steps. I would find a friend first someone to give you some exposure to people on a more social level. Romance takes time to build upon it can be much easier to start out friendly. One person introduces you to another and before you know it you'll get more practice dealing with people in a way not limited to a formal work setting. Things take time though so just take it slow and allow yourself to get used to the new people and the new experiences. You'll get their don't worry.

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    As others have said here, be around people, talk to people, all that jazz. It's the only way you'll get over it is if you force yourself to socialize. It'll feel damned awkward at first but it's not something that will happen for you. The biggest thing is you need to take some initiative and get yourself out there.

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    Don't give up hope! ^^

    Trust me: relationships, especially romantic ones, are difficult for everyone, including those who don't have Aspergers. There are many different attributes that can lead to challenges in a relationship. In fact, I would venture to say that there is no perfect relationship. Even if there was, how boring would that be? ^^

    There is someone out there for you. My wife and I have been together (from the first date) for about nine years. Additionally, my therapist has pointed out how I exhibit most of the criteria for diagnosing Aspergers.

    We still have more than our share of difficult patches. However, we are making it, learning from each other what works and what doesn't. The entire time we've been together, she has known about my AB side, but it wasn't until this last spring that she has known that I am a littlefur. Add to this that we don't like our jobs or where we live, and we have a recipe for constant turmoil. It is tumultuous a lot of the time, but we are determined to make it.

    Trust me: you will find that companion. Just be patient and know that it won't be easy. Yet, is anything worth having that easy to come by? ^_^ (Except for pizza...that's wonderful AND easy to acquire)

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    Im 29 and in the same boat well not the aspbergers syndrome but i am incontinent 24/7 any how ive stayed single for so long and wish i could find someone who is an adult baby or diaper lover i have looked trust me i cant find any dating websites that are helpful and the ones that i use i cant find anyone too even talk to me i dont know why i am a nice guy and any lady would be lucky to go out with me because i know how not to act to a lady any how im here just looking to meet some friends

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    I think you need transformation from one environment. You can see the results in few days.

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    i think also its because i wouldnt know where to begin i mean i dont go out to bars or anywhere where people my age would be hanging around or whatever. Heck i barely even leave the house except to go to work. Since i work in an assisted living home for elderly people its not easy to make friends there either since 90% of the people that work there are probably 50+ women so thats out

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