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Thread: Fetware Plastic Pants Tips?

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    Default Fetware Plastic Pants Tips?

    I'm looking to buy a pair of plastic pants from Fetware, and I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with the various types that they sell?

    I only wear disposables, but I like em thick and big. Think double-diapered Abena M4s or an Abena and a Dry 24/7.

    I figure that the pants made for the disposables won't have enough room for what I want, so I'm looking at either the ones for cloth diapers or the Hi-Back ones.

    I'd like the pants to be a little snug, so I'm wondering if the Hi-Back ones are necessary or not. I'm about 5-10.

    Any recommendations?

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    The high back pants will absolutely be entirely too much plastic pant if you're looking for a trim fit. Also, even a double-layered Abena is not that thick when compared to thick cloth, so don't go too crazy on upsizing. Get a good waist and leg measurement with your diaper combination of choice, then size the smaller size if you're looking for a nice trim fit. Plastic pants always have a range of size they'll fit, so you'll have a couple of options. Pick the smaller end for a snug fit.

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    Remember you can check the youth and Teen plastic pants for disposables. They have a a few size between Medium and Large and between small and Medium.

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    I bought my plastic pants from Fetware. I simply measured my waist size and bought the ones that matched. They have loads of space inside them but fit snugly around my waist and legs. I've worn doubled up Abenas with stuffers and still had room to spare. The high tops are very high, but they're awesome for night time wear - practically leak proof when lying down

    Hope that helps with your decision

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    Watch out for the leg sizes! My first plastic pants had more than enough room in the waist, but nowhere near enough in the legs. I had to cut the elastic in order to use them while I waited for my new pants to arrive. D'oh!

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