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Thread: snack time?

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    Default snack time?

    ok so im wondering whats your favorite recent snack? im sitting here munching on a bottle of dry roasted honey roasted peanuts and thinking...OMG, im eating something healthy for a snack (and by healthy, i mean better then what i usually munch on)

    so im wondering what snack you have been eating recently that is kind of out of the norm

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    If I'm hungry, I'll eat anything in the cupboard.

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    Pizza flavored Combos. Although lately I've been on a fruit binge. Apples and oranges mostly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maxx View Post
    Pizza flavored Combos. Although lately I've been on a fruit binge. Apples and oranges mostly.
    Those combos are freakin awesome...though i start to get sick of them pretty easily. give me a few weeks and i can eat more of them though

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    ICE CREAM!!! and some sodapop, Vernors brand ginger soda to be exact

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    I love the Sunbelt brand granola bars. My favorite is the oats & honey chewy bars! My other usual snacks are: bananas, apples with dipping carmel, grapes, cookies (homemade chocolate chip), Ice cream (Eddy's chocolate chip cookie dough!!!!!) I also love to snack on cold left over smoked sausage.

    My list could go on, but I will limit it to these, lol

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    Nesquik cereal! Its like chocolate milk in a bowl!!!!

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    2 minute migoreng noodles + malaysian satay tofu in a wrap. ftw.

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