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Thread: Virginia Tech Shooting - Again.

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    Default Virginia Tech Shooting - Again.

    Virginia Tech shooting: `We are looking absolutely everywhere' -

    Horrible that this would happen again only a few years later.

    I'd lay down my thoughts on this but I'm busy arguing with a few of the comments.

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    *inb4 "BAN GUNZ IN US!!!"*

    I actually have several friends that were in classes at Tech when this was happening. They've been posting status updates on Facebook for the last few hours while on lock down. It's a good thing they went on lock down, too. Who knows, the guy may or may not have been the next Cho Sung Hai. This is what they should have done the first time there was the shooting. They would have saved 30 people.

    Now are times I'm glad that I'm going to a small community college for my first 2 years and transferring instead of going straight into a large, dangerous school such as tech.

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    Lets not turn this into a political debate on whether guns should be banned.

    Let us just mourn the loss of life.

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    The only people killed was a cop and the shooter.

    The gunman didn't burst into the school with intention of ending lives. This shooting is not the same, nor is it really a shooting.

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    Our daughter is a professor at Tech and was there today on lock down. Two of our kids got their undergraduate and Masters degrees at Virginia Tech. It was indeed a sad day, but I'm glad no students were hurt. One hundred miles away at Liberty University, that college decided a few weeks ago to allow guns on campus, with students allowed to carry. It all seems so odd.

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    I do remember a thread a couple days ago asking why Americans isn't an armed society,

    Well this is your answer.

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    Isn't it odd how there's always a tragedy happening at Virginia Tech? Anyone speculate as to why this is?

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