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Thread: Medline anyone?

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    Default Medline anyone?

    Ok, so usually because of my constant struggle with money, im having to buy the store brands (depends and attends) now, im not a big fan of them, but when times are tuff, you have to go with what works. now, i usually can find a good package of diapers in the thrift stores, which almost always end up being depends or attends, but this last trip, i found a package of Medline that was just calling me. i have never heard of them before, and i wanted to try something else. well, i must admit, im extreamly impressed by them. even after being over flowing they still didnt leak, it was just a small lake in my diaper.

    now i have tried other big popular brands, ABU, Bambinos and such, but i cant afford it anymore. but since i have been enjoying these medlines, i think i might stick to them, if i can find them around town (im not big on buying online for these things) so i was wondering is there anyone else out there that has enjoyed this brand? and uses them still?

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    Medline makes molicares....... Yes I have used molicares.

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    For the most part, I've found them to be a decent diaper.. definitely better than Depends.. but, I prefer the more quality product lines.. I find I spend less in the end (2-3 premium diapers @$1.25 each vs 4-6 @$.90)
    of course I always buy online these days.

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