ok, so the last episode of sons of anarchy just finished on season 4. to me, i thought this was supost to be it, but the way they have turned it around makes it seem like there will now be a 5th season.

To me this is the best show EVER. its dark in nature, not dark like there's tons of killing and such (even though there are quiet a bit) but the nature, the over all view of the show is dark, its the darkest show i have ever come across...and i love it. I've gotten so many of my friends hooked on this show and they are almost obsessed with it like i am.

I'm wondering if there are any other fans that have watched it all and what are your thoughts on them making an other season? what do you think of Tera becoming a dark horse on the last 2 episodes? and who's your favorite characters? mine would have to be jax, opie, and bobby. i think bobby is kind of hot tbo...but anyways...just looking for other fans out there.