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Thread: Fantasies change

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    Right, well, the story is that my boyfriend wears, and when I found out I reacted really badly. I just want to know if anyone else who's partner does this feels the same way of how I'm going to explain. Before he told me about what he does, the future or 'fantasy' I saw was one where we'd lay in bed at night cuddling and doing stuff together and things like that, but now I just see us sleeping at night as he wears and having to sit there while he walks around in them, just need to know if anyone else has or has had this thought, and what can I do? :/

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    I myself use to be in a relationship where one enjoyed diapers and the other did not. my husband at the time, he was nice back then, but i always had a fear of even telling him i liked diapers, not even wearing, just liking them. we had a pet that was a baby fur and he use to wear them all the time around us. i could see in my husbands face that he didnt really approve of it, but he also liked our pets company so he tolerated it. i was afraid of him over reacting so i never once told him my interest in diapers.

    However.....i have had several friends in situations like yours (and not just about the diapers) but a good majority of them have had me sit and be a mediator for them so nothing horrible went wrong. i guess i acted as their counselors, but after what i have seen and gone through, i would highly suggest bringing it up to your mate in a very calm and mature conversation on your feelings on it. I find it best to go out to dinner or somewhere there can't be any yelling and screaming if it comes to it. you just need to talk to them about it, nothing will be resolved unless you do. and if he really does enjoy it and you are not for it like you say, then i would suggest at least coming to a compromise on something. like having him keep them out of the bed but allowed to wear them around the house. and if you arnt comfortable still with seeing him walking around in almost nothing but a diaper, at least ask him to put on some shorts and a t-shirt.

    Just be calm and explain your side of why you would like certain things and more so, it would be best to get to know his side of why he likes to wear them in bed, around the house, and so on. nothing can be solved from silence. but i do wish you the best of luck.

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    Thank you for the reply, we have talke about wh he likes to wear in bed and around the house, and it make sense the way he describes it. But I tol him what I saw as our future and it makes him feel bad for 'ruining my fantasy' as he put it :/. It sounds a good idea to have a mediator, but I don't think he would like anyone to know about his wearing, it took a lot for him to tell me, and for him to talk to me about it at the minute, but I really want him to be alright in wearing and things, I just see the future so differently to how I used to. Thank you for the advice, we'll take it on board and discuss possibly talking with someone else there.

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    Also I have the image of him having to change himself while I just sit on my own or, him asking me to do that for him, I just really don't want this to take over everything so that everything will be about those or to do with them :/.

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    Ive never worn around her , but the image of it being my/our future is what is upsetting to Helper

    Also i only wear at night (we don't live together)

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    well, it shouldn't be all about diapers, your right, when a relationships is based and runned by a simple object, then yes, it more then likely wont work. mine sure didnt and it was based off of 4 things, and 4 things only. which is why it ended. If you can, try talking about it some more, and also start doing more events with your mate, something that takes the focus off of the diapers, regardless of if he wears them or not. something you can focus more on doing and having fun with then thinking about his diaper wearing taking over your relationship. if you are continuously thinking about how your relationship is going with him wearing these, maybe it would be best to discuss your worries with him and come to an agreement where he puts them away for a while till you feel more comfortable with them. no reason for your relationship to go to shreds like mine did because of something like this. the more you talk, the more you get accomplished in a relationship.

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    That sounds like pretty good idea, I think we'll do that. Thank you nice to know it's not just in my head and that im not the only one who thought/thinks like this

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    well, i dont want anyone to go through what i did. my relationship ended badly and i would hate to see anyone else end up like i did.

    btw, thanks for the reputation point.

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    You're welcome, deserved it for helping, thank you again

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    I'd say have an open discussion about your future together and what you see happening in the next year or so, you are only teenagers I'm guessing so it's unlikely you'll be living together for a few more years anyway. You both have needs and communication is the only way you'll ever find out exactly how the other feels. Since you're on this site you must least accept these desires even if you don't participate which is a good start so it's not like you can't be honest with each other about fantasies etc. Just don't bottle this up or it could be a problem down the line.

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    Whenever I try talk openly I sound really bad because I don't think about what I'm saying most of the time :/, and what I see is different to him. I do accept it but, because I've told him what I see he says he's going to stop, which tbh, won't help anything but he says it will :/ just seems like whenever I try to explain or talk I just screw things up for either him or us. Told him it doesnt bother me that he does this but he says he doesn't believe that I'm saying the truth.. I guess some part of my head just wishes we could go back kind of thing but I know that this is who he is and I don't want to change him, how can I get him to see that?:/

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