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Thread: US Army dumps troops' remains in a landfill

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    Default US Army dumps troops' remains in a landfill

    BBC News - Dover Air Base dumped 274 US troop remains at landfill

    What the HELL? A major US Army mortuary was recently discovered to have been dumping partial remains of soldiers in a local landfill. Is this not the epitome of disrespect?

    Quote Originally Posted by BBC
    After four years of letters and phone calls she [Gari-Lynn Smith] received a letter from the mortuary in April informing her that her husband's partial remains had been disposed of in the King George County landfill, reports the Post.

    "I hope this information brings some comfort to you during your time of loss," read the letter.
    Some consolation. But it gets worse:

    It emerged that a dead soldier's ankle had been lost and a damaged arm bone was sawed off a dead Marine before burial so he could fit in his uniform and coffin.
    Cheese and crackers! If has this little respect for its own soldiers, I shutter to think of what they do to the enemy.

    Best part:

    The procedures took place at a time when the mortuary was shielded from public scrutiny because media coverage of fallen troops' return to the air base was banned between 1991-2009

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    I read this story,,,or part of it on Yahoo News. When ever I am finished with my yahoo e-mail and log out of it, Yahoo bring up a page that has a lot of top stories in the news. I was sickeningly appalled at this story! I actually copied and saved then entire news article from Yahoo so I could show it to others. I have a whole lot more I want to say about this, but I will err on the side of caution and keep my comments to myself.

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    Dear Soldier,

    Thanks for giving your life for your country. We're going to throw your remains in with people's discarded, decomposing food.

    Really? Are people really this way? I just got a little more disappointed in humanity. You would think that people would have more respect for somebody that gave their life for something they believe in.

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    Are the lives of people that believe they are fighting on behalf of their country that cheap and disposable? MSN also reported this story today, and some of the other numbers given were staggering too. To find the true numbers of how many remains were possibly disposed of in a landfill ca. 6200 records would have to be analyzed. It was stated that it is possible that the remains of well over 1000 veterans were possibly disposed of in the landfill.

    What really bothers me is why were soldiers' remains treated this way. Its simply wrong that somebody serving their fellow countrymen (whether you agree with the wars or not) should be treated this way. There is no reason why these remains couldn't have been cremated and the ashes spread across Arlington, a National Park, National Memorial Site, or at sea from a naval boat. I would bet that there are several veterans, veterans associations, and communities who would have gladly taken care of the remains respectably.

    What is even worse, is the coverup of these actions. It really wouldn't surprise me to see the war weariness of the USA to get even worse after this story.

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    well many of our elected officials would do just that to us when we die doing a job they sent us to do. That is why many service members are pretty picky about who we vote for and support.

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    This is just damn right disrespecting not just u.s. soldiers but is also bad for anyone else that is out there they could be in landfills sooner or later and if they end up in bits and pieces I personally would still give that dead/injured soldier respect. So i wouldn't put there remains in landfills across the u.s.a. because they have served there time and they served well.

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