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Thread: might get diapers after Christmas

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    Default might get diapers after Christmas

    Well my mom is giving me $200 dollars for Christmas so I am thinking when my dad isn't around that I will buy my first pack of diapers,
    I can't wait it's gonna be awesome! I will let you guys know how it turned out i can't wait to feel a diaper again!

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    Congrats dude, look forward to finding out how that turns out.

    What brand are you going to get?

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    lucky, i wish i could get that much for x-mas. my family is stingy on money, they would rather spend money on stuff that i dont want rather then just giving me the money they would use on that in cold hard cash.

    anyways, hope you get what you want. and with that type of money, i hope you stay away from attends and depends. those should be your last resort. i know for me im usually buying them, but thats because of lack of money. let us know how it goes though.

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    @Alvin I am not sure yet I just hope none of my friends are around or family I better bring a back-pack with me!
    @colt what sort of brand do you think i should buy?

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    I'll probably be buyin my first premium diapers after christmas cuz I'll probably be buying a lot of computer parts off newegg and I'll be home all of the break so it's the perfect chance ^_^ to speak on topic, congratz, you will now experience one of the greatest moments in your life my friend

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drago15 View Post
    @colt what sort of brand do you think i should buy?
    well, my newest find is medline. if you can find them, id suggest giving them a try, they are great for the right price. i over flowed the first one i tried, never leaked, just stayed inside the diaper like a lake. and it held a lot. though with any brand i would still suggest getting some stuffers.

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    what size should i get I am six feet and I am skinny!

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    Most diaper brands list the size ranges on the packages and, even better if you can discreetly use a computer, their websites. Due to your height, you will probably take a medium in most adult brands; even if you are skinny your other diaper area measurements (thigh, crotch, hips) will probably require a medium.

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    so maybe I will try a m4

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    I wanna get diapers I told my mom and she was fine with it and then she said no cause she thought they wouldnt fit help plzz

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