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Thread: Hey everyone, glad to be here!

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    Default Hey everyone, glad to be here!

    Hey everyone,

    My name is Mike and, I am a college student who has experimented with the whole AB/DL scene (I love it). It is not my life and rarely comes out because of everything else I do, but I guess this is a way for me to reach out and talk to people. I have never talked to a fellow AB or DL before and I would like some interaction within the community. I am a college rower, and that consumes my life besides my studies, especially finals right now. I hope to talk to some really great people here.

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    Also there is not a person in the world that knows that I am an AB/DL.

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    Hiya! Welcome to the site~

    You came to the right place for talking to people, be it about your curiosity for the fetish or the various other interests and hobbies you have.
    While most of the people here are fellow AB/DLs, it's just a facet of their lives as well and not a huge part of their being.

    Good luck on the finals, and in your rowing!

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    welcome to the site mike.

    i myself am new and still getting to know this site myself, but so far it has been great. there's thousands of topics to go though and so far have found more open arms then anything, but i have yet to come across one single rude person. but i hope you enjoy the site as much as i am.

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