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Thread: *waves hello to everyone*

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    Default *waves hello to everyone*

    Hi everyone, my name is Diapercolt, at least that's what i wanted it to be on here but seeing how it said it was taken, it's just colt i guess.

    So obviously I'm new to this site but not entirely new to diapers. I have been wearing on and off for a few years now and it comes and goes when i want to wear. I don't find hardly any sexual stimulation from diapers, i just love the feeling of wearing and using (number 1 not number 2). though there was a time i did get excited about it, now its more of my comfort zone. So I am a DL not an AB. as much as i would love to try being an AB, i just don't have the mind thought to be able to be one. i guess im to Dom or something.

    anyways, I'm a furry, I don't have any pics i want to put up here because it would be real easily to identify me if someone saw one of my fursona pics. So as soon as i get the chance, I'll just use something realistic or something. But besides for furries, i like music (listening to and playing, i am a multi-musician) trucks, motorcycles, outdoors, horses, dogs, camping, hanging out, and i love cuddling up and watching a good movie.

    so im on here because i want to share my experience and advice with those who are looking for some, but also im looking for some as well. besides for that, im also looking for more friends that want to actually talk and get to know, and not just ask about the sexual side of my life and want nothing else to do with me besides get off on my stories or pictures or what ever.

    so i guess that's it for my not much for writing these types of things, but that will have to do for now. so i hope to meet a lot of you and hopefully become good chat friends.

    *trots off*

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    Welcome fellow Northern Rockian! Glad you found us!

    Nice introduction! Thank you for providing us with an accurate snapshot of what makes you 'you' outside of the obvious AB/DL angle.

    You have a lot in common with many other members. For example, just between you and I, we are both: furries, wear on and off, don't feel any sexual attachment to padding, enjoy music... And that's just you and I ^^

    You came to the right place to share with and learn from experiences. There are plenty of people to meet and converse with, and trust me, we cover a wide variety of topics, often having nothing to do at all with padding.

    I hope you come to find this place a safe and welcoming community. Do not hesitate whatsoever to ask any questions you may have! ^_^

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    Welcome to ADISC colt. You will find that many of the members here are very friendly! Exchanging ideas and partaking in thread discussions are awesome. If you were looking for a place where people have similar interests, but don't spend all day talking about JUST them, you'll love ADISC. Good intro!

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    Hi, colt. Welcome to ADISC. As onecho said, that was a good intro. and there are indeed many members here who share your ' outside ' interests, as well as the diaper interests. I am sure you will enjoy the time you spend here. Take care, and have fun.

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    thank you everyone....I wasnt expecting to many replies so quickly. *hugs for all*

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    hi Colt!
    nice to have you here on ADISC
    have fun getting to know the site and making lots of new friends from all over!
    =) Will

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    Well hello and welcome to adisc I hope you like it here. This is a great place to meet new friends

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    Welcome! Enjoy your time here!

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    Nothing better than to give a horse a hug!
    Hope you like it here and to see you in the chat room in the future

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