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    Now a days, most people have cell phones. And even more recently, most of those phones are smartphones (iPhone or Android). This got me to wondering, what is your favorite cellphone app and why? I'm not asking about apps that came WITH the phone, I am asking what is your favorite app that you downloaded from the market. Also, please state if your app is iPhone or Android.

    For me: (android phone) my favorite app is Google maps.
    I love Google maps because I can look at a city map and tap on a business and instantly get the phone number, address, driving directions and even web address. Kinda makes using the phone book a thing of the past.

    what about you guys?

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    Angry Birds! - Fun game, and it's a good way of killing time. (iPhone )

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    I have a coinflip app on my android.
    I use it too much :P

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    I have both a Sony Xperia and an iPhone these days, but I haven't downloaded many at all for either. My favourite is a 10 band equalizer/mixer for the music player on the Sony I use a lot. Can't think of the name right now.

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