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    Default Howdy, folks

    Hey there =) My name is Bluescales (redundant ftw!). Just hopping on to say hi, meet new people, make some friends, you know...all that good stuff. I'm new here, but I've got accounts on Furaffinity, Deviantart, rup and a few others Feel free to say hi, I love chatting with intelligent people who are interested in more than just diapers and the whole scene. (Basically...if we weren't both here, would we want be friends in the real world, too?)

    Programming is my main hobby, I plan to do it when I finish my current employment... (USMC, which is great and all, but it's definitely not a career for me). I like to draw, although I'm really only a novice there, and I love seeing other people's work too. I'm pretty outdoorsey, you know, hiking and running and skiing and all of that good stuff.

    If you think we'd get along, I'm looking forward to saying hey

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    I'm sure we'll get along just fine. You seem like an interesting person, and I love your name

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    hey bro
    Here's my formal welcome to ADISC!

    I'm glad you joined!
    Keep posting on introduction forums, welcome new peeps, and answer any other forum threads you have access to.
    Soon you'll have 20 postings, and you get expanded access to to ADISC!

    And join in the fun, the best group of ABTBDLs and BabyFurs hangout here!



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