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    Hey people just bought some underjams, They are awesome, hold lots of pee. Kinda small though but they work fine. Heres a good idea if u really want to soak them put the Underjam on first then put a goodnite over it, It works wonders!!! Ill try to get back soon as I can, but my computer sucks ^#$67&%$ so hopefully i will be getting a new one

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    We have a topic about this in the Teen Baby section, if not there, then Diapertalk!!

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    Ah I see I am a noob so yea. How do i put the thread in a different catagory insted of off topic? I can't figure it out please help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vlad View Post
    Yea sorry guys, I am a noob as you can see LOL.
    You're forgiven.

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