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Thread: What's so bad about cloth backed diapers?

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    Default What's so bad about cloth backed diapers?

    Seriously everyone seems to hate them and when they see companies switch from plastic to cloth they throw some massive fit as though they stopped making diapers all together. So what exactly am I missing here as I've only used cloth and felt like they are perfectly good.

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    I don't get it either. I think it's just a preference on the feel of them. All I have ever gotten to use are Baby diapers so I have nothing to reference against.

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    Of course it's different for everyone. Apparently most people prefer plastic, but some do not. The easiest way to find out what you prefer is to try both versions and see which you like best. In the other topics about this subject there are enough reasons given why people like either cloth or plastic, so if you read those threads trough you will know what to expect.

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    Most of us are fetishists, ergo, most of us have strong preferences for certain features of an item.

    For diapers, most of us who can buy adult diapers readily and are young enough to populate the internet grew up with plastic-backed disposable baby diapers. It's not too surprising then that, when we envision the "ideal" diaper, it's a plastic-backed disposable.

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    Oh how do I hate thee? Let me count the ways.

    1. They have a reputation for wicking moisture through the cloth backing. Think of a soaker hose for the garden but instead of providing life giving water to your appreciative begonias you are providing urine to your bed and most likely unappreciative mate.

    2. Texture is a huge factor in a diaper for my personal enjoyment and the cloth backing is akin to using sandpaper instead of Charmin after a bowl movement.

    3. The texture also causes the diaper to stick to bedding rater than slide like an air hockey puck across the sheets when getting out of bed it sticks like velcro and mocks you saying, "So you are ready to get up eh? Well be prepared to leave me behind! Ah Ha ha ha!"
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    Its not rational, I just don't really see diapers that are cloth-backed (or cloth diapers) as being quite the same. As NutFree said, its a fetish, thus not rational. I never made a conscious decision to like diapers so I really also can't explain why my definition of a real diaper is a plastic backed disposable, though its probably because that's what I grew up in.

    Oh, and as Khaymen said, the texture just isn't as nice.

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    It's "not not rational" at all. You should be able to describe what it is that you like about the plastic if you think about it.

    Plastic feels good to me because it's soft and smooth while cloth is rough and irritates the skin. I prefer the soft and smooth feeling of plastic because to me the perfect diaper is very soft (soft is cute), and the smoothness of the plastic allows me to slide with my hands over the diaper without resistance of the cotton, which I like.

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    Bad texture.


    Urine "sweating" through the "waterproof" cloth backing.

    0% reduction in landfill space (not that there is a crisis in the first place, but that's another topic...)

    Friction against bedsheets - also what causes the chaffing against the skin.

    There's nothing good about them. I've no use for them, they don't manage my problem, and I'm fed up with Abena bending over to environmental extremist pressures when they know damn well every one of their cloth-backed diapers is still going to wind up taking up space in a landfill somewhere. It's all about "feeling good." So they can put themselves up on a pedestal and say we don't use any of that "icky" plastic.

    Well guess what. I don't get one damn bit of that "feel good" feeling when I wake up with abrasions on my inner thigh from a cloth-backed disposable rubbing against me all night, and damp, stinky bedsheets from the urine sweating through.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Khaymen View Post
    3. The texture also causes the diaper to stick to bedding rater than slide like an air hockey buck across the sheets when getting out of bed it sticks like velcro and mocks you saying, "So you are ready to get up eh? Well be prepared to leave me behind! Ah Ha ha ha!"
    ROFL!! that one made me laugh!!!
    One a more serious note, I also 'prefer' a plastic backed diaper for the same reason Khaymen stated above. Although I don't NEEDthem to plastic backed, I do 'prefer' it. I enjoy being like a toddler and sometimes ride down the steps of the house (though not very fast, more like a step at a time). The cloth-backed diapers hold up to this type of activity better than the plastic backed type. Other than those two things, the plastic backed diapers are preferred.

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    Yes, since it is a fetish it may not be rational, but here is why I do not like cloth-like: not as smooth as plastic and I like the sound of a crinkly diaper. A more rational reason though is that based on my experiences, the tapes for cloth-like are not as strong as plastic.

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