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    I was just wondering if anyone else has run into the same situation, but recently I bought a 22 pack of "attends" and when I got home and put one on, I was surprised to see that it was thinner than a depends... I remember them being a lot thicker... I just chocked it up to going a long time without wearing attends and wearing thicker diapers. Then recently, I noticed that the tapes didnt say Attends on them in a slanted pattern like it use to, inatead it was only three horizontal lines in the same exact pattern. It got me to wondering, is store bought product different from online product? Or did I get ripped off? Because I KNOW attends use to be way better.... Plus I see the models in Adult Baby Source often wear attends, and those attends are the ones I remember, or the models from privatina who wear the attends that have the "M 10" label on them, where the hell do they get those?!.. Or does attends just suck now? Ive been wanting to order a pack of attends online from xpmedical or abuniverse but im afraid I will get the same disaappointing quality... These ones I have are like those really cheap assure diapers... Even depends are better than these and I refuse to believe that this is what attends has become. Should I buy from online or not?

    As far as "cookie cutter diapers " goes, anyone notice how CVS brand, Assurance (walmart) brand and Certainty (walgreens) brand are all the exact same diaper?? I mean walmart assurance briefs use to be plastic back with a yellow wetness indicator, now all three brands are the exact same copy. Cloth backed, four tapes, and a criss cross tape design with blue wetness indicator. What gives?

    Another short question, where can I buy tena slip maxi (not the super one) that is plaestic backed? Is save express literally the only place?

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    I bought a pack of both CVS and Assurance last week- and you're right, they're identical. I think the tapes on Assurance briefs may have been a little better (they had a little extra 'grain' on the tabs for taping), but aside from that- they looked the same when comparing. They worked well when doubling up though.

    Thankfully, after an exhausting look for medical supply centers (which had nothing but Attends and American Tena (anyone know if the American Tenas are any good?)), I found someone selling Molicares on Craigslist and now have the cloth-backed storebrands put away for a rainy day .

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    Years ago, I used to buy Attends from a local pharmacy. They were great! I enjoyed them very much because they were plain white with a tiny tan wetness indicator line in their middle. They also had the "Attends" written on the tape tabs. I quite wearing diapers for a while, but when I got back into wearing again, I noticed that the Attends had become a lot thinner. I was not very happy with them at all. In fact I think that was when I started searching for a better diaper which lead me to discover the Abena x-plue (now call the M4).

    You are correct, Attends have declined in quality.

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    Cookie Cutter? or Counterfeit? tried some Tenas while vacationing in Costa Rica last year, after being used to Dry 24/7's and Abenas, I wasnt impressed. about the only time I ever go to store brands anymore is when I have a bout of the runs and don't wish to burn the pricey ones on 2 to 3 hours of use

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    Yeah, I bought some Attends a few months ago and was greatly dissapointed...Just as bad if not worse than Depends

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