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Thread: WHOOPS!!! Mythbusters experiment gone wrong!

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    Default WHOOPS!!! Mythbusters experiment gone wrong!

    This is just a couple miles from my house, and about half a mile from where my daughter goes to school!

    'Mythbusters' cannonball hits Dublin home, minivan

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    I remember a few years ago, they (Tori, Grant, Carrie) were testing movie car chase myths and sent a remote controlled car through a vegetable stand. One hundred feet after the stand (it kept driving in great shape!) was a berm. The car hit the berm and launched itself right over. There were some "oh shits" exchanged in different semantics as the three had no idea if on the other side of the berm was a vacant lot or a highway. I don't remember what was there, but I remember there weren't any serious repercussions to it.

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    I read this on Yahoo news. Although this article was way better and more in-depth that Yahoo news was. Good job on posting the link to the article! I wanted to read more on the story, and this was nice to find!

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    See kids science can be fun, especially when explosives are involved. Seriously I love this show (evil laugh).

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    The thing I really like about this show is the lack of pretense. They freely admit that its silly, and just a way of doing things they always wanted to do. It wouldn't surprise me if this part of the episode ended up in the series, assuming they could talk the homeowner into playing along.

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    In the awesomeness that is Mythbusters, they did do at least some good here by taking out a Toyota van.

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    An OOPS moment and thankfully no one was hurt but no reason to suspend the show. The Mythbusters promote scientific research with a minimum of unnessicary drama. May they never sink as low as Orange County Choppers.

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    Man, what was the charge used in that canon? I love the show, and they take on some interesting project, clearly, this one the most interesting!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    Man, what was the charge used in that canon?
    Yeah, I wondered that too ! The article made it sound like this cannon ball just went all over that neighborhood, lol

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    Mythbusters is awesome but sadly I can't receive anymore since I don't have a satellite subscription :x

    I'm always amazed there haven't been any major incidents caused by some of their experiments

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