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Thread: Sweating... is there any way to prevent it?

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    Default Sweating... is there any way to prevent it?

    Curiousity question really, anyone can answer. =D

    I love my diapers, and it's my own little relaxation and calming thing to get away from it all when I'm not at work or college or anything else like that.

    I wear plastic backed Abri Form X plus, which are GREAT for multiple floodings, but I just have one problem now - sweating, and general moisture. Even if I haven't used them, if I stay in them for an extended period of time, I will start getting uncomfortable and sweaty. I love wetting them, but... after being in them like that, it's just downright uncomfortable. I just wanna get out of them and it stops being fun.

    Any advise? Any way to stop the sweating?

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    I'd suggest trying the AirPlus type, though I haven't touched them myself. I don't know what else you can do, but I find it also helps, when I have a private moment, to unzip, hook my fingers under the leakguards and kind of pull it up and down for air. Helps get ventilation under there. Might work for you.

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    Gotta second that Epicpie. Baby powder is the way forward. :P

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    I tend to wear a lot less during the height of summer, when it's too hot to wear diapers (or any type of clothing really). Being in a sweaty diaper is very uncomfortable, and filling half of the diaper's absorbent material with sweat rather than pee is pointless and less fun.


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    If the baby powder doesn't work just buy breathable diapers instead.

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    As has already been pointed out...try baby powder.

    Use a baby powder made of cornstarch with aloe & vitamin e for best results. It helps to absorb the moisture of the sweat, and also helps to prevent rash (diaper rash or heat rash).

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    Powder can help with it some... but honestly sweating just comes with the territory. You wear thick diapers... it's hot out... you are going to sweat. I sweat a lot... but I've gotten used to it... so it doesn't bother me.

    If you want to sweat less... try a thinner diaper.

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    Stay out of hot places? I don't have a problem, so I couldn't say from experience...But baby powder sounds like it would work...Wear brighter clothes when you're out, because dark colored clothes will attract the heat/light...

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