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Thread: I have a serious question.

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    Question I have a serious question.

    Tomorrow I am going to begin collecting data on myself for the purpose of understanding myself better. This is not an experiment it is just the preparations before the experiment. I will collect data for two weeks and keep a scientific journal, but I was wondering if anyone would seriously look at the data I collected over those two weeks and give me feed back on it. What I'm looking for is for someone to analyze the data so that I can get outside opinions. All I ask is that the people who actually comment on my data that I will submit in two weeks be respectful and to look at the data closely. I would really appreciate it if I could get opinions from scientists. Particularly psychologists or therapists because I am just trying to understand what distracts me more, why I am getting distracted, and hopefully hypothesize ways that I can control myself from being distracted. This is very important to me because I have ADHD and I desperately need help, and because I come from a... dysfunctional family that is not in the best financial situation so I need to help my self. Please respond so that I know that people will look at the data. Thank you for your time

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    I watched a video once that said that concentration is like a muscle and should be worked out to become less distracted.
    Also I don't think ADHD is a real condition anyway, but then again I am knee deep in conspiracies.

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    Yay conspiracies!!! well I hope you don't feel offended when I say this but you are soo wrong about ADHD not being real. Now I'm not angry I just wanted you to know it exists and affects many people. Some do not even know it because it is, in my opinion, the Weirdest mental disability ever. Life with it is hard and most people with it might just start yelling at you if you said that to them so just giving you a heads up

    Again I am not angy, oh and thank you for taking the time to post

    Jonathan Noto

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wazzle View Post
    I watched a video once that said that concentration is like a muscle and should be worked out to become less distracted.
    Also I don't think ADHD is a real condition anyway, but then again I am knee deep in conspiracies.
    OMG YES!!! I'm not the only one who thinks ADHD and ADD are make believe and a way for pharmacies to rack in money by pumping pills to someone that can solve their problems by themselves (OP, I bow to you for taking a stand and realizing "hmm, maybe I can fix this myself instead of taking meds" GOOD FOR YOU!! ) my personal opinion is that ADHD / ADD is a result of bad parenting/discipline skills early on, and as the OP said he comes from a dysfunctional family, my theory makes sense. It usually does. How many times do you watch Supernanny and they claim their kids have ADHD?? A lot.

    And OP, when you say "not the best financial situation" I feel for you :-( (alcohol is more important than groceries in my family) I assume this means you don't take meds, which is good, because if your project is successful in fixing the distractors, you probably won't need them. I have a ton of respect for you for doing this, most people in today's society would go to the doctor and take a bunch of unnecessary pills because they're too damn lazy to even TRY and fix it naturally. Good for you for trying!!!! Much respect

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    First off, i will say that ADHD is something that is actaully real and if you think it is just pharmacy companies wanting to pump drugs into kids, then i think you need to reasses things. Go and see what some people that have ADHD actually have to deal with on a day to day basis and then come and tell me that you still think it is not a real thing. Sure, there probably are many people mis-diagnosed with it due to parenting problems, but likewise, there are many people that seriously do have to deal with it. You might think you are right saying that ADHD/ADD is caused by bad parenting/discipline but you are most certianly wrong with that i can tell you. And for some of these people, the drugs that are provided by doctors are the only way they can have a functional and normal lifestyle. People said the same thing about autism when it was fist around but we now know it is actually a recognisible problem with people that suffer it. So dont be so quick to jump on the train and say that ADHD/ADD is something purely made up by pharmacy companies to make money or that it is something because of bad parenting.

    Second, you also say that people with ADHD/ADD are often on supernanny and other such shows. First, take a look at the epidemiology before you start saying that is it caused by this because they are apparent in TV shows (something that i wouldnt trust wholely in the first place). ADHD/ADD and autism often occur in people that are of the middle or lower socioeconomic status and this is something that has been noted. Yes, a dysfunctional family has been shown to also cause a contribution to the development of such disorders however, it is not a simple thing as bad parenting = ADHD/ADD. Rather, bad parenting, dysfunctional family and a low socioeconomic status are all three factors that go hand in hand with each other. It is these factors in combination with other enviornmental/biological factors that cause ADHD/ADD and autism. Yes, i will admit that there are cases where it is easy to say that bad parenting caused ADHD. But explain to me the cases where a family has 3 or 4 children of which the first 2 are fine but the last one isnt and there is no family history of such problems? or, the first one has ADHD but the last 2 dont? You can logically assume that the parenting is fairly similar across the three children and there is no family history of such problems. You cannot tell me that bad parenting or discipline = ADHD/ADD or even autism. So please, do a little bit of research befoer you start claiming things in a post that isnt even related to the debate about ADHD/ADD but rather someone asking for help with it.

    Back to the OP, whilst i am not a qualified doctor or anything like that, i would be happy to take a look at it for you if you would like. I am training to be a doctor (completed second year) and i have had a bit of a look at ADHD/ADD and autism in my course so far. I think it would be interesting to see what information that you come up with. Feel free to PM me if you want to discuss things.

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    ADHD and ADD are real disorders but I also agree that they are way over diagnosed and the medicines used are far to extreme. They are usually linked to a slightly less developed frontal lobe which causes lack of focus, impulse control issues and other similar problems. Focusing issues caused by bad parenting shouldn't be diagnosed as ADD or ADHD but unfortunately usually are. As for looking at your notes, I can give you feed back but a licensed therapist would be able to give you better advise and help. You can request non-drug treatment.

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    I have ADHD and am currently on medication (Strattera). I can assertively say that ADHD IS a real affliction and that my medication helps me out greatly... I ran out of pills once for about a week and when I went to see a friend they said after I'd managed to get more that he can see the difference between when I do and don't take them. He has said that when I'm not on them I seem very easily distracted and lethargic, though when I'm on them I seem much more resolved and focused. So I'd have to say ADHD isn't a conspiracy.

    I will admit though that the term ADHD is thrown around a little too much recently. Many who don't have ADHD are classified as having it which is why many get confused about whether it exists or not as usually the ones that don't are the ones that get onto the television.

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    Saying that ADHD is not a real disorder is very offensive. ADHD is as real as diabetes. People with ADHD have often faced tremendous struggles and failures in their lives, which typically leads to low-self esteem and depression. Walk a mile in the shoes of a person with ADHD and you will quickly see that it can be a living hell. Fortunately there are many treatments that are both safe and effective, and they can really help put a person back on track.

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    I have ADHD. Unfortunately, my doctor won't prescribe anything for it until I spend a few thousand bucks getting a more recent diagnosis. Because apparently, sometimes ADD goes away.

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    I wouldn't say it goes away as such. You just learn to cope with it.

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