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Thread: Bambino Bellissimo question

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    Default Bambino Bellissimo question

    Hi, I just ordered a pack of 8 of these from a UK abdl company. I got them as a special treat for myself for the festive season.
    I think they look really cute but i am worried about something and really need to ask someone who's had some experience with these nappies.
    After i made the order i found a review on this nappy which seems to suggest it has a cloth like cover, please tell me this is not true as i absolutely hate them.
    I emailed Bambino and they seem reluctant to answer my question, instead just replying that they are the most absorbent diaper in their range. i also emailed the company who I purchased them from and they have not replied, I have asked if it is true that they send a pack of classicos instead as i know they have plastic cover and they are the same price.
    I would really like to try these new ones though but if they are cloth cover then i will not be happy.

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    The Bellissimo definitely has a plastic backing. It's a little softer than the Classicos, which is what you may have heard and been confused about.

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    You're lucky they actually emailed you back, I emailed because those same diapers had problems with their tabs. They ripped off
    But they never did email me back.

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    Yes the "New Diaper" or Belissimo as it is now known is certainly plastic backed.

    They did have tape issues when I tried them. I did send feedback to Bambino, but didn't even receive any form of reply...

    That has kinda rubbed me the wrong way with Bambino, unfortunately.

    I'll just stick with Abena, i guess...

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    Seems to be a problem with all of Bambino's diapers after they re-did their production lines. I've had to use packing tape to reliably keep my diapers on at night. These are on the Teddies.

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    I don't like the new plastic at all it. I have a variety pack and the Bellissimo btw. The inside is really soft just the outside feels rough. Definitely a downgrade imo I use to love there older biancos the ones they started to first make with the white waistband.

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    Quote Originally Posted by grapekrush View Post
    ...the outside feels rough. Definitely a downgrade imo

    What a shame. I had high expectations for the new Bambinos, but all I hear is disappointment. I'll be honest, the sample pack I tried didn't impress me one bit. I feel like Bambino may have made a few steps backwards while trying to make improvements. Hopefully they'll get things straight sooner or later.

    Oh well, there's always Abena and Dry24/7...

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    They are plastic and they are fantastic diapers. My first premium diaper ever and they were worth the cost. The plastic is not the softest I have ever tried (attends waistband has that honor), but it was soft and their shape is different than any standard diapers I have ever seen (they are reallywide in the middle). There are also very thick and soft.

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    I guess i shall find out myself when i get them, i see a mix of positive and negative replies, the tapes seem to be a problem, maybe i will get an ok batch! at leasst my answer about the plastic has been answered, thanks folks. I'm looking forward to trying them it will be hard to resist the temptation to try one when i get them but i want to save them for Xmas, i shall wear 1 on xmas eve hrough to the morning then i shall put a new one on for the day and then chabe into another ione in the evening when i get home from my mums. the evening one will be put through its paces as i will be drinking lots of cider! then i shall save the rest till new years eve and the start of the new year,

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