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Thread: Best places to buy plushies ?

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    Default Best places to buy plushies ?

    Ive been looking around looking to get more plushie friends, mostly rat/mouse ones that are big, like almost half as tall as you. I seen pics of other having plushies about this big or bigger does anyone know where to get them with out having to go to a fair or circus.

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    EBay usually has loads of plushies up, I'm sure there will be rodents amongst them.

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    Not sure about rodents but Kmart (at least in the US) tends to have a decent selection. If you don't want to buy off the rack I am certain build-a-bear has something that would satisfy your desire for a rodent friend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Goodnites11 View Post
    Toy stores always have a good selection.
    My sentiments exactly. I suppose the ones sold at toy stores are technically no different from those sold at ToysRUs. Yet, nestled amongst all the other toys, they seem to be more selectively chosen and, in general, of better quality. Plus, the fuzz balls seem to be a bit happier to live there as opposed to some florescent bastille.

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    Target and Walmart are also placesto shop for a good deal .
    If you want a unique one go on line and you will find a ton

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    If you wanted a teddy bear I could give ya at least a dozen different links. Only mice I found on a quick search were only 5-6 inches :/

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    Default Plushie Puppet Site Closing Down CHEAP plush puppets

    Found this on the web, Small Mouse plush puppet.

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    Build-a-bear used to sell a mouse plushie (not very big) but other than that just look around! Maybe Toys R Us?

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