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Thread: How did you discover the fandom?

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    Default How did you discover the fandom?

    I think that there are a lot of different ways that people get introduced to the furry fandom, and it might be interesting to see what kind of fun stories we can cook up!

    Here I go!

    I was about 14-16 years old (I honestly don't remember exactly) and I was having a sleepover with some friends. One of my friends (let's call him Hank) was into the fandom a bit at the time, but none of us were privy to that information. Another one of my friends (We'll call him Jack) discovered a picture of a nude vixen that Hank had printed. Jack and the rest of us subsequently ridiculed Hank for the rest of the evening. But, being young and impressionable, I was quite curious about this 'fox porn.' I went home the next day and proceeded to scour the length and breadth of the internet for this new, exciting, and possibly disgusting art. I came upon a few different artists (Terrie Smith, Michele Light, and Frank Gembeck to name a few) and fell in love with the art. This was around the same time that I discovered my love for diapers (and the related adult material) and the combination of the two led me to such sites as Karis' Playground and Furry Jade Fox. Those sites eventually led me here!

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    Step 1 - AB fetish websites, I was kinda disgusted and interested at the same time...
    Step 2 - TB website, then I searched what AB/TB means on Google. XD
    Step 3 - This website, looked around a little, saw some of the art and that's what I found the most attractive. :P
    Step 4 - Registered here, found websites with BF art.
    Step 5 - FTT, FA, etcetera.
    Step 6 - MSN contacts!

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    I was introduced to all things furry at the same time and by the same person who introduced me to all things *BDL.
    So about 7 years ago. We roleplayed as furries (Raccoons I believe, interestingly enough), he was the baby and I was the mommy. It was quite fun! We branched out from there and I found my *B-ness and my inner-bunny!

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    *runs and cries about being lit on fire for liking the art*

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    I found out this fandom from FTT Knew before but FTT sparked it.
    TB/DL Diapers+google=deekers=looking for better places.

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    I found the old tbdl... and IRC furplay led to looking at Foxtalestimes, Karis, DA, and my latent, I mean dormant procyonism (raccoon-ism) awoke... And I was staggered by the depth and breadth of the furry world
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    Randomly browsed some artwork that I at the time didn't realize was 'furry'.
    Browsed the internet to look for more, discovered the furry fandom thanks to the first furry forum I was a member of, which is where I learned all the lingo, spread out to learn more about the fandom via Wikipedia, DeviantArt, FurAffinity etc...etc, found Furry specific entertainment like 2 Gryphon, Pawpetshow, at this point I was pretty involved in the fur fandom in several places, I considered myself pretty knowledge for a meer newbie.

    Discovered the darkside of the fandom.

    Left the fandom.

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    I read web comics. Before long, I was browsing the links on the "normal" ones I read and found some furry ones, which is how I discovered the fandom.

    Around the same time, I had just recently discovered what infantilism was and was looking for more on it. Eventually I Found FTT, which lead me here, and these two sites act as my center to other related pages.
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    I found out from Drew what the fandom was, and he showed me some pictures from Jade Fox. Right there I fell in love with it. ^_^

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