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Thread: Working Out in Diapers

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    Default Working Out in Diapers

    Has anyone tried this? I can't imagine it being comfortable, but part of me wants to try. Definitely wouldn't use powder.

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    Not fun.
    Your diaper gets all sweaty, not to mention it's annoying running or biking and whatnot.
    I'd highly advise against doing it, but if you want to, go ahead.

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    I usually like to play DDR diapered up. And DDR is pretty intense movement. I guess it just depends on what you're wearing.

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    Never tried it, but definitely don't think I will ^^; I can't stand being in a diaper when it's hot because it just feel kinda icky.

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    You could do it once, I guess, just to try it? Seems like it would exacerbate pretty much everything sucky about diapers though. And your workout would be bad if you were doing squats or something. Rrrrrip!

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    I tried dancing (hip hop) today while wearing... Wasn't really all that great. Like MikeTheBest15 said, it does get really sweaty which can be uncomfortable, and there's a lot of rubbing involved with the movement.

    Feel free to try it though! The worst that could happen is that you don't enjoy it (or end up wasting a diaper/time). :P

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    I love working out in my padding, i only tend to use the treadmill and highbar equipment wise. Then its just sit ups and push ups. I sorta like getting hot and sweaty in my padding however ^^

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    I occasionally run on the treadmill in diapers, but it does get very hot and sweaty if you go too long. be sure to use vaseline on your inner thighs if you try this! stretching and yoga stuff are quite enjoyable though since is relaxing, and we all know what can happen then

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    Diapers saved me mountian biking once. I hit a tree coming down a steep hill and came down on the bar HARD, I praised the diaper that day and haven't forgotten its white and fluffy contribution to my testicular health.

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    Use a compression garment or tight briefs over your diaper. I exercise in diapers a lot (especially because I'm a bike commuter) and the most important factor for comfort is keeping the diaper as close to your skin as possible. This will keep the outer shell from chafing your thighs and it'll help keep the padding from falling apart. Also, I've found that you don't really feel sweaty unless you allow the air to contact your skin. But once you get a breeze going in your diaper area, you'll really start to feel sticky and gross, so keeping the diaper tight against your skin will dramatically improve your comfort.

    That said, unless you have to wear diapers or you get a thrill out of being in the gym/being hot and sweaty in a diaper, this experience probably isn't for you. If you're curious, it's worth experimenting with. It isn't THAT uncomfortable.

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