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Thread: What types of non-adult diapers would fit me?

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    Default What types of non-adult diapers would fit me?

    Hey, so I have like 30-32 inch waist, I'm 5'10" and weigh 155. I have a very athletic build as well, though I'm definitely not as skinny as I was running cross country in high school.

    For those of you who wear goodnights, drynights, pampers 7, or other similar diapers, would they fit me? Which ones are the best/most fun/most practical to wear.

    I've tried all the drugstore adult diapers, and I'm just looking for a bit more fun.

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    I'm 5'10 with a 27- 28" waist , weigh 140ish lb ( Ran track in HS too). Goodnites will Definitely fit.. I just got the new ones, and they are 11+ inches tall - taller than any edition since 2004. The Goodnites are a Great fit.

    I ordered a sample of 2 pampers size 7 and they are small, but I can tape them on, and they hold pee without leaking.
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    I love pampers size 7 <3. They are better than goodnights in my opinion. They do fit me with some stretching involved and as for measurments I'm a 32 waist 6'3 and 180lbs I think? Anyways you should definitely try them because they are so warm and fuzzy and diapery and awesome

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