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    Hi everyone i know this topic has been brought up before but,

    I have noticed lately that allot of nappy/diaper companies are thinking or have swiched to cloth. Me i prefer plastic however i grew up with allot of cloth nappies , mainly because my parents were foster parents so we always had nappies around the house , the last plastic one i can remeber was a supermarket brand which i couldnt remember the name , however i dont mind cloth they for me feel more babyish for.This is beacause as i said every nappy i can remember was cloth backed , my first experince with cloth was pull ups and dry nights , then after i got my first proper adult nappies i tried a diffrent brand (lillie) and liked them , so awhile later i tried them again and they were cloth appart from some moister getting through there actualy not that bad.

    What are your oppinions on this ?

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    It depends on your age. For me, I grew up in plastic covered diapers, so that is my preference by far.

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    Plastic covered diapers do not sag or stretch out like the cloth. There should be plenty plastic diapers around the world as the customer will dictate what is produced.
    For me it will always be plastic with plastic pants.

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    There is nothing better then plastic diapers. Cloth is ok but I grew up in plastic huggies, so plastic is for me.

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    Im a plastic backed kind of guy dont think id ever get cloth

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    Haha.. I thought this thread was going to be able actual cloth diapers (washable ones) vs. plastic backed ones.

    I have to agree that it's going to be whatever someone grew up with most likely. That said, I grew up using actual cloth diapers but somehow latched onto wanting plastic backed diapers at a very early age. So in general, my preference is plastic backed diapers.

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