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Thread: first time in public

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    Well after many attempts at it I finnally am wearing out of my room. I wore a goodnite to work I put it on after my lunch break, it feels good but I still don't think I am going to leave my office. I have tried to wear before it usually ends up I storm back to my room take it off, then go out and get upset because I didn't wear. Just thought I would share my success. Thanks

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    I would not worry about being caught in a Goodnite, unless you are not wearing clothes, nobody will know..

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    Congratulations, I myself have never been able to do it. I would try work but with the way my work uniform is, it would be pretty easy to tell.

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    Pssh...with a Goodnight your chances of being caught are nil, as long as you keep them covered up. Don't worry about it!

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    Congrats, just remember that nobody is inspecting you trying to figure out what you are wearing. Whenever I wear in public I just remind myself that nobody will know and it makes all my worries go away. I just make sure that I don't bed over or my shirt will ride up and the top will show. Anyways, hope you had fun.

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    Yeah...You really have nothing to worry about with the Goodnite. I've worn pullups/goodnites out and about since early middle school.

    Now, if you were wearing an Abena M4 out and about, that would be a bit different....yet I still do.


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    Congratulations on such a great step, overtime you will notice that people are not looking to see if you're diapered or not, just act normal and choose your clothing wisely . Good Luck.


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    Great hope you are brave to wear adult diaper to work soon.

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    A goodnight you have no chance of getting caught. I went out in a drynite for my first time. No different from anywhere else. No chance of getting caught. The time after that i went 24/7 and it was brilliant :3

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