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Thread: When did non-labeling become cool?

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    Default When did non-labeling become cool?

    I always see people saying things like "I choose not to label myself..." and "labels are unnecessary..."... When did this become the cool thing to do? I just don't get it.

    I am a gay guy and I am proud to be one. I feel like I'm part of a unique group of people. And so, I choose to call myself a gay guy until the day that changes. But I see so many people saying "I won't call myself anything... if I like someone, I like them". Why? What's wrong with just calling yourself what you are, changing that based on what you become? Is it some transcendentalist notion of being "above" labeling? Somebody please explain this to me.

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    It's all part of the politcally correct garbage. No one is fat, or old, or gay, or straight, or boys or girls. We are just all people. No one is stupid or smart, they are just different types of smart. I'm sorry but if you can't read, write, or do simple math... You are STUPID! (unless you have major mental defects).

    If you enjoy having intercourse with or are attracted to the same gender... you are GAY! (not that i am comparing gay to being stupid, it was just all part of the same rant).

    If you weigh more than you are supposed to.... you are FAT!

    I even saw some stupid article about raising your babies, infants and toddlers as gender neutral until they are old enough to decide for themselves... NO! If your parts are on the outside, you are a BOY!

    If you want to change that later in life, go ahead and do it. But call yourself what you are.

    The world is confusing enough as it is... taking away labels will just confuse people even more.

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    I think that maybe people are starting to grow tired of labels. There are now so many labels out there for sexuality alone that it is dizzying. There are labels for genders, races, and jobs, and there are labels for different genders of races in certain jobs. I honestly don't see the need for so many labels, I really don't. I understand that people are proud of who they are and want to make sure that others know darn well who they are or what they are, but I think there is a huge case of over-classification taking place in modern society that I attribute to the explosion of technology and leaps in social media. I don't agree to any of it and stay out of it refusing to use most labels as most of them are considered rude and vile by just changing tone, inflection, pronunciation, who they are directed at, who heard them, and many other factors.

    Of course, there is a label for those of us who refuse to go with the flow as it were. Non-conformist, and there are many of us as well. Individuality is dead, doesn't exist, and probably never really did. We invent sub-categories within certain circles to establish our individuality only to find that there are many more like us and willing to flock to the same banner. At least within our little sub-culture here there is only AB/DL (which are actually two completely different things and really shouldn't be lumped together). Oh and sissy...and lg...and df...and ct...andIC...and shoot! It's happening here too!? Gah!

    I remember when I first found out (through the internet) that I was a DL, it was just AB/DL. Then the word sissy crept in. I have no idea when or where the other classifications of ourselves came from except that I don't remember seeing any of them before the advent of diaper sites like Diaperspace, DPF and so forth.

    Of course these are just my ramblings and thoughts.

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    I'm of the same mind. It's a bunch of politically correct garbage.

    Labels are necessary for day-to-day functioning and understanding the people around us. You can't just choose to throw them away. I'm sorry, but if you say something like "Well, I choose not to label myself as gay..."

    Uh, you just did. Label yourself as gay, that is.

    Wear your labels with pride.

    Stereotyping is always a danger, of course, but that's always going to be there no matter to what degree people "label."

    IMO it's just a bunch of transcendentalist, metaphysical, pseudo-intellectual crap. It's a way to make yourself look "cool and edgy" or "inspired" or "spiritual" without actually doing anything at all.

    Labels are how our mind works. It's how our brain categorizes things. Anybody who says they don't label is full of crap. It's impossible not to do it, because it's literally how the mind thinks They do, they just don't admit it.

    There's a point where, sure, it gets pointlessly ridiculous, and the benefit you gain in understanding any one subgroup begins to have rapidly diminishing returns (take a look at all the genres and subgenres of metal, for a good example of that) - but mostly, we label for a reason, because it's how we understand.

    A smart person uses a label to build a foundational understanding - they build upon and chip away at their understanding of that person from there. "Gay" means this to me, but now that I've met this person, I'm going to expand or maybe even remove some of the things I think that that means. Next time you meet a gay person, you've got that benefit.

    An idiot uses a label to figure out exactly what a person is like upon meeting them. They know what a "gay person" is, and the minute they meet someone new who happens to be gay, they know all about that.

    It doesn't make you any smarter to pretend you don't label at all. Just the opposite, in fact.

    Over-classification, as Llayden was talking about, is a different story entirely. But the anti-label "fad" is truly a stupid one.

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    I have no idea. I get told I am me, not Aspeger's just like my dad is not diabetes or ADHD, he is him or that my mother is her, not arthritis or cancer or bad back.

    But if I am not blue eyes, brown hair, big boobs, brown hair, freckles on face, then what am I? All these things are part of me. They are used to describe me too. But how does blue eyes not describe me?

    I also feel infantilism doesn't describe me nor diaper fetishism because you can read about it and it doesn't sound like me because I am not a textbook case of it. I have a diaper fetish and some AB tenancies. I'm a diaper lover and an adult baby.

    Sometimes I do wonder if stupidity actually exists because it seems like there are labels for everything. Doctors will keep coming up with labels for people for their issues to make them feel better. But they will only exist if they impair someone like if someone's stupidity impairs them and causes them to not be able to function, they have a label then but because no such thing exists, they struggle in life and they are known as stupid. Every time we hear about someone doing something stupid like call 911 over McDonalds not having anymore Chicken mcnuggets, she probably has a mental condition that made her not think right. I did actually think she had something wrong with her.

    Oh, since lazy is an insult now, I wonder if it actually exists. If someone is lazy, oh no it's caused by something that makes them that way. Back when I was a kid, it was just a word. Now it's an insult. If someone is being lazy, they have an excuse for it like they don't want to do it or they don't see the point in doing it. But really, what is wrong with this label? We have TV controllers now. Someone uses it to change the channels and I say we have TV remotes because we are too lazy to get up to turn the channels. Bam people get offended by it. What the heck? How was that an insult? Here is the thing, getting offended over trivia stuff is implying it's a bad thing so that would mean all those people implied that using TV remotes is a bad thing. Remember that. How about taking it as a compliment?

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    I don't really see it as "cool" to not label myself but more of a personal choice. Labels create a lot of misconceptions and when it comes to people you care about, that's not good. I've never really discussed my bi-sexuality with anyone because these days people will just call you gay and that bothers me. I'm not proud in any way of my sexuality nor do I hate it. It's just a part of for someone to label me, it just feels like I'm being judged in a bad way. And this goes for things outside of sexuality as well.

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    i think people shouldn't label each other because then they just start to assume things without knowing a damn thing about the person

    most people assume i am busy and energetic (i dont know how to say it) all the time because i am labelled as ADHD, if they would get to know me they would know that i can control (most of) my ADHD
    thats just something that i can't stand.

    i get a friend with asperger and some people say to me that i shouldnt be friends with him just because he has asperger, but i got to know him and he is just like me, a kid that doesnt want to be alone all the time and the only thing i have to do around him is to think about the things i say and how i say them because there are some words/things that he reacts badly on and thats all for the rest he is just like you and me, a human being

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    Look at any futuristic movie that was filmed in the fifties. Everyone wearing the same thing, no defining characteristics on any one except the main character. That is a world without labels... boring!

    Yes labels can cause misconceptions and stereotypical responses. But that is what humans are made to do. Classification is a standard part of approaching anything and everything. Your mind has to put something into a category in order to understand it. Then as you get to know that object (or in this case person) you can add sub category after sub-category and cross-reference and determine that this is no longer... white->christian->male->straight->ADHD->AB-DL->Furry->Blonde->American.... this is Alex.

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    Honestly, I think it's less a question of "cool" and more a question of people being scared to own up to certain aspects of themselves. If someone's "big-boned", they're still fat. There are a whole bunch of labels people use because they're scared to just be gay. Et cetera.

    "But that label doesn't fit me perfectly so I use this other thing to describe myself because that's who I really am."
    Bullshit. You're deliberately trying to obfuscate something by using non-standardized language.

    Because let's be honest-"Close Enough" counts in horseshoes, hand grenades, and labels. In all three instances, you get close enough and the substantive result is the same as if you'd hit the target dead-on. If you really need fine-grained detail, then you can elaborate. The other 97.89 percent of the time, though, no one gives a shit so stop obfuscating reality. I mean, I could describe myself as partially asexual homoerotic, described as being romantically attracted to men, somewhat sexually attracted to and aroused by men, but moreso attracted to and aroused by various fetishes.

    But really, I'm gay. I own it. I'm not gonna fuck around and try to convince you somehow that I'm some special beautiful unique snowflake in regards to my sexuality when in reality, I'm gay and I would never verbally describe the rest of that stuff, let alone craft some bullshit fake label for it to dodge being "gay".

    And if it is people trying to be "cool" by being "non-conformist", then they've failed as far as I'm concerned because at some point, going out of your way to be non-conformist just means you're conforming to a different norm.

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    Don't know when it became popular, but I know that labels are the single most pointless things humans have ever invented. When you get down to it, we're all humans. What other labels do we need?

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