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Thread: Side sleepers: What do you wear to bed?

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    Default Side sleepers: What do you wear to bed?

    Ironically, this is exactly the opposite of what most ppl are after on this site. I need a high-absorbency diaper that DOESN'T push my thighs out while I sleep.

    My definition of high-absorbency: I overloaded a Molicare Super Plus, so...

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    you could try putting booster pads off to one side or another... but in general... sleeping on one's side is a certain way to leak

    ... or, deal with the leak and use an under-pad to leak onto

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    i seem to do fine with plain ol abena x-plus's just make sure the leg tapes are nice n' snug
    havent leaked yet

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    3 prefolded cloth diapers and plastic baby panties. When traveling I wear Albena Form X Plus with a cloth diaper over it in case it leaks and a pair of plastic baby panties

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    Abena M4's

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    Tranquillity slimlines with a pair of plastic pants over them and I put a underpad under the sheets just in case.

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    this: Attachment 6842
    the blurb:

    Double-thickness shaped terry-towelling nappy with an elsticated back and an internal terry-towelling pouch, for booster pads.
    By popular request, we are pleased to add this item to our range. Our shaped nappy may be used with or without the double-thickness boster pad to mange all levels of urinary incontinence and offers greater and more comfortable protection than traditional flat nappies. (For clarity, the optional pad is shown resting across the nappy in the photo) With side wings, this garment is highly suited for the management of bedwetting, especially if you sleep on your side. Nappy pins and waterproof pants are required for this item.
    available from h++p://
    i just stuff mine with an old towel and though that does bulk it up between the legs, you could also just wrap the towel around your belly, instead. also, a pair of triple-layered pull-up terry-towelling nappies over the shaped nappy help.

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    I end up wearing a dry 24/7 to bed at night and still have leakage issues every so often but it's the bestbi have found besides cloth and my skin is to sensitive for them.

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    I wear a terry-lined plastic pant over my disposables at night, and often during the day. I hate diaper leaks so this extra protection provides me peace of mind. Never once has a diaper leak gotten beyond the pant and onto my bed, clothes, or furniture. For me it's worth it, the expense and bother. Leaks are bad enough, but the worry about leaking is more an issue.

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    You're pretty much screwed if you don't want to wear a thick diaper, side wetting is the very worst position. Very thick cloth and plastic pants are about your best bet. You should always have an underpad or plastic sheets as a backup anyway because leaks WILL happen if you wet at night...if you haven't had a leak yet then you will at some point.

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