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    This morning, i felt a strange itching feeling, so i decided to change my diaper, it turned out, i developed a diaper rash. so im wondering what do i use to treat it, what do i use when changing diaper, tips to prevent it. it is so painful and uncomftorable, i barely can put on diaper

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    An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. I put powder into my diaper before I put it on. This helps prevent the inner top sheet from sticking to the skin, promoting air circulation. Be careful to powder the surfaces on the top sheet which will stick to your skin, while taking care not to get powder on the outer, bottom sheet, so that your tapes stick.

    Wash your crotch with a wet cloth between changes, especially if you're wearing diapers all the time. I'll wash, well, not every change, but at least every other one, and use lotion then, too. Careful getting any lotion on the front of your diapers, too, so that the tapes will stick. Even a little oil or lotion will cause the tapes to come off.

    Don't poop your diapers, or if you must, then clean up immediately, in the shower.

    Once you get rash it needs air/oxygen. I have cloth-covered diapers for those times, and pads/pants combinations. My "trick" is to use hydrogen peroxide on the rash. Put some on a paper towel and pat the rash repeatedly. Do not rub or wipe with force or pressure, just pat the peroxide into the sore skin. This oxygenates the rash and helps it dry out.

    I have used expensive rash creams, both before and after, and can't report any value to these creams. Perhaps they work with some people, but with me there's no noticible good effect.

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    I've used the hydrogen peroxide treatment before as well. Pending on how bad the rash is, that can have a little sting to it. But it does help get rid of the rash a lot faster. As far as diaper rash ointments go, I prefer the new kind of Desitin (Desitin Creamy). NOT the original Desitin,,,,that crap stinks!!!! The Desitin Creamy comes in the light blue containers. It has ingredients that help heal diaper rash. I also use it when I don't have a diaper rash because it creates a protective coating on the skin that helps repel excessive moisture and mess. It washed right off in the shower with just warm water and regular soap.

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    I'm not sure if you can get it in the states but Sudocream is amazing at curing diaper rash.

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    For fast relief from diaper rash use Boudreaux's Butt Paste and it comes in 16 oz and tubes. Many times a coupon is available.
    Also if you need faster relief get some Calmoseptine ointment. Available on line

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    I find it best to use a cream such as desitin to prevent the rash and to use powder in the creases. It is important to wash with every diaper change.

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