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Thread: Have you ever kept something from when you was a real baby ?

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    Default Have you ever kept something from when you was a real baby ?

    when you was a real baby, did you ever keep something til this day and still use now ? ie when you was young did you have a fav teddy bear and still got it ? or a blanket ect ect ??

    I used to have a musical monkey teddy but sadly lost it from when I was growing up

    *post a photo of it* and say how long you had it for
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    I have a stuffed dalmation that has been with me for 18 years now. I don't know what I'd do without him.


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    i have a pillow which is kept since i was like 2 months old till now! its been 21 years with me!

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    I have the same stuffed duck that my mom gave me when I was 1. I still sleep with him every night. Though I've been trying to find a new plushie friend for the last couple of years. He's so fragile now that I want to put him away somewhere safe before he falls apart on me. I honestly don't know how I'd handle it if that happened. I also have a special pillow that my grandma gave me when I was five. I slept with that every night until a couple years ago when I had to put that away to keep it safe.

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    I have several artifacts from my babyhood, including a couple of my diapers! The others include my blanket (not in very good shape--barely in one piece ), a small stuffed mouse, and a stuffed Winnie-the-Pooh. My parents have lived in the same house since I was two, and have many more of my baby/toddler toys and whatnot, which they used to get out all the time when my own kids were that age.

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    Not baby, but from perhaps age ten up, have a torn and tattered plastic sheet I secretly wet on when home alone. Brings back all the memories.

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    I have my cot bumper, numerous plushies and various other things dotted around or in storage or hidden away in various family members attics

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    I have a tiny teddy that was given to me by my gran... and yes i still have it. I guess had it been any larger I wouldnt have kept it for so long. And no its not put away in a draw but in pride of place on my dressing table. It brings back lovely memories of being a baby and her.

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    Blanket and silverware. Still use the blanket occasionally, silverware is put up.

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