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Thread: Strangely enough. I want one.

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    Default Strangely enough. I want one.

    Huggle Buddies

    A plush that turns into a pillow. I probably pick the penguin one.

    WARNING: Automatic flash player advert will play with sound. Just saying to save any embarrassment.

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    Yeah, pretty much pillow pets. Can get them at Walmart for $15 :P

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    I thought I saw it in the bin full of pillow pets at my local Walmart. o.O

    ohh, hmm, maybe not. Ah well, XD

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    I saw them recently I think in Tesco.

    They looks well cool and I like the song to lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by EJay View Post
    But walmart doesn't have the RAINBOW unicorn!
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    Listen to the song on the website for the Huggle Buddy. It makes me think of the advert on the TV that Andy watches in the start of the film Childsplay.

    Funnily enough, one of the lyrics in the Huggle Buddy song which is sung from the point of view of a Huggle Buddy, even sings the lyric 'I'll be your friend till the end'.

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    Quote Originally Posted by danterenos View Post
    This is strange XD GIANTmicrobes
    Oh my gosh those are so cute. I would have never thought that anyone would make plushies like those. As for pillow pets they got banned from our school after everyone stated bringing them to after school meetings and practices. Completely worth it while it lasted though.

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    Thanks! xD

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    This is strange XD GIANTmicrobes
    They look like something you see under a microscope! lolz

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